5 Classic but Modern Mobile Games


Everyone’s playing mobile games nowadays. Kids tapping on the bus to school, dad playing a shooter on his lunch break, even grandma, tapping furiously whilst filling out some word searches; mobile gaming is truly a modern, worldwide phenomenon. For those that actually remember gaming’s nascent beginnings however, the current crop of games can be rather bewildering, especially if one wants to experience those amazing games that made up one’s misspent youth. Luckily however there are lots of classic, yet decidedly modern mobile games out there, great enough to satiate both old dinosaurs and millennials alike!

Tetris Blitz

Practically everyone is aware or has played Tetris, and soon even more people will, given the announcement of an upcoming feature film based on the game (…huh)! For those that prefer their Tetris to stay confined to the computer screen, the new iOS game, Tetris Blitz. New twists are added to the already classic game play, making this a must have! And it’s free!

Civilisation Revolution

The quintessential strategy game is well known for its era-hopping gameplay, spanning from antiquity to Sci-Fi conceptions of the future, and now you can play it on mobile. Long games, lots of fun, and enough new stuff going on to make it fresh.


If you love more traditional games; poker, blackjack, roulette or card games more generally; then RubyFortune’s mobile site is just for you! With loads of games, an excellent user interface, surprisingly good graphics, free deposit bonuses for customers both old and new, a heap of different payment options and quick customer service to boot, there’s no better time to become part of the international online gaming phenomenon.

Doom Classic

Controversial when it came out, yet incredibly tame by modern game standards (guess society didn’t implode, eh?), Doom is back, and this time you can play it wherever and whenever you like, away from the shrieks of waspy suburbanites! Blast mutants, ghouls and monsters of all varieties whilst utilising a new mobile control system that will likely make this one a must have for both hardcore fans and newcomers.


Life isn’t easy for old Frogger. Trying to make his way across a five-lane highway, only to come under attack from birds, crocodiles and fast moving logs; it’s a life many wouldn’t envy. Mobile customers can now see how it is to live as a frog does, and with new, enhanced graphical capabilities and controls, this isn’t just the same game you played twenty years ago.