Would A Nintendo Tablet Be A Good Idea?


It’s no surprise that has already begun work on their next generation console. It always happens; as soon as a company releases their new gaming machine, they immediately begin work on its successor. With the Wii, Nintendo introduced motion gaming to the masses and had outstanding success. With the Wii U, Nintendo wanted to bring a 2 screen experience to the home console and was greeted with so-so results. Some praise its dual screen experience while others have called the system underpowered and confusing to the normal consumer. Nintendo has found themselves in an interesting predicament as of late. That’s why we here at MVGN think that a Nintendo tablet device would not only be a good idea, it would be welcomed by us with open arms.

The good people over at Nintendo have a bit of an uphill battle when it comes to their next home console. Some believe that the big N should match Sony and Microsoft and bring gamers a very powerful machine that plays well with 3rd parties and its competitors while others say that Nintendo should leave the home console business all together and go 3rd party. What we believe here at MVGN is that Nintendo should explore a tablet like device that would be both their next portable device and their home console. The “Nintendo-Tab” would be similar to Apple’s own iPad and could feature Amiibo support as well as a thumb drive that allows gamers to stream their gameplay on their HDTV’s. The device would kill 2 birds with 1 stone (both portable and home console) and would still leave Nintendo room to give the device that “Nintendo magic”.

People have already become so addicted to their tablets and Nintendo really could capitalize on this market. If Nintendo decides to explore this area, it could open up a world of opportunity for the company. Want a title from Nintendo’s MASSIVE library? No problem- just download the title on your new “Nintendo Tablet” and be ready to play it on the go or at home. Nintendo could revamp its eShop and have full backward compatibility from all its previous consoles (ALL of them).

On this new device, players would not only have their own screens to look at while their playing at home (which would allow for some creative innovation), all their home console games would become portable and would allow people to play games on the go. Gamers could start a game at home and be able to bring their experiences with them wherever they need to go, whenever they wanted to. It would be an all new device that would bring the home console experience on the go as well as in the living room. And while they are at it, give players the ability to play some of their older titles online and see what your friends are up to via it’s on board friends list app.

The tablet could also fit into their QOL plans and could track gamers health stats (or whatever Nintendo plans to do with this) via an on-screen “app” on this fabled tablet.

Apple’s own iPad has seen tremendous success and offers gamers some truly amazing experiences on their tablet. Millions upon millions of units have already been sold and the home console and mobile experience continues to diminish with each subsequent release of the tablet (the new games look tremendous). We think if Nintendo decides to blend together a portable and home console experience, they could make lightning strike yet again and have tremendous success with a device like this.

Honestly the ideas are endless and our brains are filled with “what if’s” at this point for this Nintendo-Tablet. Some may love the idea and some may hate it. We think it would be an outstanding idea and a way that Nintendo could combine their home and portable markets in one harmonious device. Please let us know what you think and, as always, thanks for reading.

Bonus Read: Possible names we would give the device: Nintendo Fusion (yes we know this was a rumored title for the next Nintendo console but think that this would fit for this idea perfectly), Nintendo-Tab, N7 and Nintendo Go.

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