Next-Gen Gaming in 2015


When the PS4 and Xbox One consoles were released with fanfare last year, all eyes were firmly fixed on just exactly what these supposedly new and amazing consoles could bring to the fore. Photorealistic graphics, comparatively huge numbers of people being able to play simultaneously and utterly fluid gameplay were all seen, but the systems and their games didn’t seem to truly be pushing the boat out. Obviously this was due to developers only just getting to grips with the new consoles (just compare the Xbox 360 or PS3 launch titles to those being released now), but as the consoles mature over the course of 2015, what amazing things will await gamers?

Amazing Graphics

The day one releases for PS4 and Xbox One were underwhelming in terms of graphical capability, but that doesn’t mean 2015’s games will be more of the same. With games such as Final Fantasy XV, No Man’s Sky, Project CARS and Quantum Break on the release horizon, players are on the cusp of being treated to some truly beautiful, photorealistic graphics. What’s more, if rumours that both consoles will begin offering support for 4K video, the visuals on offer could become fantastic to say the least.


Mainstream gamers’ love for app-based games has been rising for years now, so it makes sense that console producers will begin allowing gaming apps from a variety of companies to be hosted on their machines and services. This is wonderful news for people who love playing online casino games; apps such as UpTownAces might soon be providing thrills to individuals across the world, and since providers such as these often offer a huge number of games within one single app, gamers are going to be spoilt for choice!

Massively Multiplayer

MMOs have long been a staple of PC gaming, but with the huge processing power of the new consoles, they will now be a more mainstream pursuit. Take Planetside 2. This shooter has been available to PC gamers for years now, and basically lets thousands of players loose over a huge game world, factions competing for territory on a massive scale. In 2015 this MMOFPS will be coming to PS4, featuring support for 2000 players in one match; that’s a gargantuan player increase compared to even the newest FPS releases.

2015 is going to be a mega year for gamers of all colours, but it seems that console gamers will be experiencing the biggest changes. Let’s hope the games deliver on their lofty promises!