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So my latest craze has been playing games in my mobile browser. I love downloading stuff on my iPhone but lately I have been logging in and playing games on the go directly from my browser. In light of my recent addiction, I have decided to do a weekly feature showcasing some games I have been playing and maybe you guys can check it out. I thought it would be something interesting for everyone so be sure to check it out and let me know what you think. This week’s “Mobile game of the Week” is UpHill Rush 6.

Uphill Rush 6 is stupid fun that helps pass some time between projects or waiting in line at my grocery store. The game is a “slip and slide” to the finish line in the ultimate water race! This Uphill Rush sequel lets you customize every aspect of your rider and watercraft. Choose your favorite outfit and floating vehicle to compete in style. Gain speed, catch air, and perform amazing stunts while collecting cash.

While I never really “fleshed out” my character, I did find it a bit amusing for some quick gameplay while I had nothing better to do. It’s not going to win any awards but if anything like this interests you, check it out as there is a world of free games that you can play right from your mobile browser.

Thanks for reading guys and be sure to tune in next week to see what I have been playing. I hope you enjoy.

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