E3 2015 Predictions For Nintendo

It’s that time again my friends; time for MVGN to peer into our gaming crystal ball and try to predict what the big 3 will bring to this year’s E3. Our gaming company for today will focus on Nintendo. Nintendo has been in an interesting predicament for the past couple of years and this year is no different. With NX already being confirmed to NOT make an appearance at this year’s E3 and with their QOL project not showing its head either, Nintendo seems to have no choice but to double down on what is currently available.

What will they bring? Read on and find out what we think.

Mario Mario and Mario


We think that this year is going to be HUGE for the pudgy plumber. Not only will Mario Maker be a heavy focus for Nintendo’s Digital Event, players from all over the US will be able to head to a participating Best Buy to check out the upcoming Wii U title but we don’t think it will end there. Rumors are floating around the internet that an all new Paper Mario will indeed be headed to Wii U and we see this one coming true. We think that Nintendo will not only release a double punch of Mario in the form of Mario Maker and Paper Mario- we also think a remake of an old Mario title may be in the works as well. I know it may seem like Mario overload but isn’t the plumber celebrating an anniversary this year?

Firm Release Dates


We know that Yoshi’s Wolly World, Star Fox, Xenoblade Chronicles X and more DLC for Super Smash Bros. is headed to Wii U but we don’t exactly know when. We think (well, we are willing to bet) Nintendo is going to give us solid release dates and that the games will be spread out throughout the year. Expect Yoshi’s Wolly World to hit before Xenoblade in the West as well. Oh- and we think Nintendo may pull a “and it’s available right now and the eShop” for the DLC.


New Game Surprises

Tell me you don't wait an Animal Crossing that looks like this

Tell me you don’t wait an Animal Crossing that looks like this

We all know that Nintendo and the others love to surprise us with new games in development and E3 is the perfect platform. We think that Nintendo has at least 2 surprises and our best guess is that Animal Crossing is headed to Wii U and another cross developed game will be making an appearance. Look at how good Hyrule Warriors has been doing…. Maybe a sequel to the successful title is in the works? Oh and let’s not forget that we will see an updated version for Devil’s Third.


Price Cut For Wii U


We have said it before and we will say it again. We think it’s high time Nintendo cuts the price of the Wii U. The system is incredible and has outstanding titles but the big N cannot seem to shift the units it needs. We think Nintendo will announce a price cut for their home console (and maybe even for the 3DS) and what better time to do it than at E3. Gamers will be flocking to their participating Best Buy to check out Mario Maker; why not lower the price and get some of those players to impulse buy a system while they are there. $250 has a very nice ring to it and may be the “sweet spot” that the Wii U needs.


Not 1 But 2 Metriod Titles Announced/Teased


Our final prediction for Nintendo is that the company will be bold and announce or tease not 1 but 2 Metriod titles. The first one will be for the 3DS and will be a 2D Metriod. The second will be a Metriod Prime-esuque title and will be headed to Wii U in 2016. This will close out Nintendo’s E3 presentation and will be only announced and not playable at the show (please make us wrong Nintendo). We think there are too many signs pointing to a Metriod release and we think that the games may connect with each other in a certain way.

Well, there you have it my friends. Five predictions for Nintendo’s E3 2015. We also expect that Amiibo will have a gigantic presence at the show as the figures are far too popular. Let us know what you think Nintendo will bring and be sure to tune in for more E3 predictions for Sony and Microsoft.

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