E3 2015 Predictions For XBOX One


E3 2015 is upon us ladies and gentleman and it’s time for MVGN to peer once again into our crystal ball and try and predict what will happen at this year’s big show. We are expecting Microsoft to have a HUGE show this year and we have made our final 5 predictions for XBOX One. What will Microsoft be bringing this year?

Read on and check out our predictions!

Games Games Games…. All About The Games

Rise of The Tomb Raider will make a giant splash at E3 2015.

Rise of The Tomb Raider will make a giant splash at E3 2015.

Halo 5, Gears Remaster, Crackdown 3, Forza 6, Fable Legends, Rise of The Tomb Raider, Rare’s new IP, Scalebound and Quantum Break. There’s no denying that this year’s E3 for XBOX will be all about the games and this is just a small sample of what we will see at this year’s show…. And keep in mind, that’s just a list of what we know. ┬áThere will be a number of games that haven’t even been displayed to the public yet and we are excited! We fully expect a new IP (football anyone) or two to make an appearance and they will be glorious.

Hololens Is The Real Deal And It Will Be Incredible


If you have yet to check out Microsoft’s amazing Hololens, click here and enjoy. We think that Hololens is going to be something fierce and its mere presence at this year’s E3 has us so freaking excited. I can’t even imagine what game developers are going to do with this machine and we pray that it will fully integrate with the XBOX One. I know I can’t wait to hear more and this is going to be HUGE.

XBOX One Exclusives Grow


Just like last year’s bomb shell, we think that Microsoft is set to secure another high profile exclusive. Last year it was announced that Rise of The Tomb Raider was headed exclusively (timed) to XBOX One and we have a feeling that this year there will be “more of that”. Although we aren’t ready to place a bet on what that specific exclusive may be, we think Microsoft is courting some other 3rd parties to secure some big games…

XBOX One Slim Announced

This is one sexy machine isn't it?  Make it look like this Microsoft.

This is one sexy machine isn’t it? Make it look like this Microsoft.

Well, I think that if this was going to happen someone would’ve leaked something…. However, we still think that there could be a possibility that an XBOX One Slim will be announced and it will be available a week after the show. The XBOX One is really starting to hit its stride and with a new announcement of a slimmer model, Microsoft could really capitalize on the upcoming sales season with a new, slimmer console. Although this one may be a long shot, I would be all in if it happened.


Rare’s Next Game is Completely New


And for my last prediction, I think that Rare’s next game is going to be something completely new. I think that they have become a bit tired making Kinect Sports and needed to flex their creative muscles. I don’t think that they are going to rely on an old franchise and have decided to go for something completely new.

There you have it my friends, another round of E3 2015 predictions. As always, thanks for reading the article and stay tuned for our upcoming PS4 predictions (click here to read our Nintendo story as well).

Please let us know what you think Microsoft will bring to this year’s E3 and comment away.

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  1. My personal top 5 MICROSOFT 2015 E3 wishlist:

    5. Xbox Live digital arcade games cross play (X360/X1)
    4. New Perfect Dark
    3. Shadow Complex 2 (or prequel)
    2. New Gears of War (“4”?) gameplay trailer + release date
    1. Gears of War 1-J (or 1-3) HD remaster collection on 1 disc (ala Halo:MCC). 1080p/60fps/1 disc collection is all I’m really looking for here (as opposed to individual remakes sold separately)

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