E3 2015 Predictions For PS4


E3 2015 is right around the corner and we here at MVGN are ready to give our top 5 PS4 E3 2015 predictions. With well over 20 million consoles sold, the PS4 is a force to be reckoned with and this year’s E3 is going to be something big for Sony. Will we see the return of a Sega classic on the PS4? Will The Last Guardian skip E3 yet again? Will the PS4 receive a price cut?

Read on and enjoy our predictions for PS4’s E3 2015.

Uncharted Remastered Edition


We have been treated to numerous remastered editions of quality PS3 games and I think that the Uncharted series will be the next franchise to get the “remastered” treatment. It would make for an amazing holiday lineup plus help wet people’s appetite for next year’s entry. Uncharted 4 will no doubt make a HUGE splash at this year’s show (and I couldn’t be more excited) but we think Naughty Dog has been working away on something that will hold people over until Uncharted 4…. And it’s a remaster for Uncharted 1-3.


The Last Guardian Is a No Show….Again

Where are you?  We need to see you again soon!

Where are you? We need to see you again soon!

Every year I get my hopes up and every year I am let down. I always pray that this one shows up but I don’t think Sony or Team Ico will show anything on The Last Guardian until they KNOW it will be shipping that year. I still get chills watching the PS3 trailer and I can only imagine what the game will look like on PS4. I just think that if the game is going to be released, it won’t be in 2015 thus will make it another no-show for this year’s E3…. There is always next year though.

Shenmue 3 is Headed to PS4

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 8.27.57 PM

I have been hearing rumblings my friends…. I didn’t even want to include this in my predictions but I have heard/seen rumblings of a new Shenmue and that the game is indeed headed to PS4. What I have seen is pretty convincing and I fully understand people can work wonders with photoshop, but I think that this may actually happen. Shenmue fans have been dying for a new entry into the series and with over 20 million PS4’s have been sold to date, makes perfect sense to me.

PS4 Receives A Price Cut And Maybe a New Color


The PS4 has sold tremendously. It continues to sell at alarming rates but with their competition being $50 cheaper, we think Sony will make its move and lower the price of the PS4. I think that a cheaper price point for the system will cause an instant stir in the gaming community and people will have “PS4 Fever” all over again. With Microsoft chomping at the bit and finally gaining some ground in this generations console war, Sony may indeed try and put the nail into the coffin and drop the price of the PS4.

*Side Note- We think the PS Vita will be receiving a price cut as well


PS4 Becomes “Lead Platform” on A Number of Titles


I think we are going to hear the words “lead platform” a lot during the E3 press conferences. Although a lot of games will be headed to both XBOX One and PS4, I think that a number of titles will have Sony’s latest machine as their “lead platform”. Whether that means there will be exclusive content or something else, I just have an inkling that the PS4 is going to have a lot of talk like this. The Division anyone?


And there you have it, our PS4 predictions for E3 2015. I think overall Sony will have a great show and that we will be seeing some outstanding things for the system. If you missed our XBOX One predictions click here. If you want to read up on our Nintendo E3 predictions, click here.

Thanks for reading!


  1. My personal top 5 SONY 2015 E3 wishlist:

    5. Last of Us 2 (or prequel)

    4. New Resistance, Wipeout, Twisted Metal, or Jet Moto/Splashdown reboot (water/wave racing genre is completely empty & currently WIDE OPEN for the taking)

    3. New God of War (4) PS4 trailer with release date (+ GOW4 demo announced for download exclusively with GOW3 Remastered purchase)

    2. Last Guardian RE-reveal

    1. Uncharted Trilogy HD remaster (1-3 1080p/60fps, maybe throw in Golden Abyss for good measure, OR U4 beta access would be even better!!)

  2. A new Last of Us would be pretty sweet but I think they are deep in development for Uncharted 4. I have been praying for a Last Guardian re-reveal but who knows! Thanks for the comment.

  3. ^ Very true. Ok I’d scratch my #5 and replace it with this:

    #5). PS1 classics FINALLY announced cross buy/play on PS4 (they’re cross buy/play on PSP, Vita, and PS3, but NOT the newest most powerful PS4)

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