Top 5 Titles We Can’t Wait to Hear More About At E3 2015


E3 is approaching my friends! The big event is almost here and we here at MVGN can’t wait. Every year we feel like a kid in a candy store just waiting to see what great games we will be playing in the coming months. With so many great titles headed to the big show, it was hard to put this list together but here it is… Our top 5 titles we can’t wait to hear more about at this year’s E3.



Rime looks sublime and although that it a bit of a corny “rhyme” we can’t wait to hear more about Rime. This PS4 exclusive caught our attention when it was originally revealed and we hope Sony and the team at Tequila Works lift the curtain and do a massive reveal at this year’s show. I always loved a game that had style and substance and Rime looks like it will fit the bill. Part Zelda, part Ico, Rime is going to be something special for PS4 owners.

The Division


Ubisoft’s latest looks insane. Although The Division won’t hit store shelves until 2016, that doesn’t mean we can’t wait to hear more about this game. The Division has become one of my most anticipated titles and with all of this development time, we think that the game is going to be something fierce. The Division will take this current generation of consoles and utilize every once of power within these machines. I truly think that this one is going to redefine the 3rd person shooter and will have many tricks up its sleeve.

Nintendo’s Surprise Title

Will Animal Crossing come to Wii U?

Will Animal Crossing come to Wii U?

There’s always that one game that Nintendo brings out that always grabs my attention and this year will be no different. Last year, Splatoon came out of nowhere and looked pretty sweet and this year we think Nintendo will have another surprise title to be released later this year. Whether it will be a new Animal Crossing for Wii U or a HD remake of a classic title (Super Mario Galaxy collection anyone), Nintendo has a plethora of old franchises that they can resurrect and will send the gaming community in a frenzy. The good people at Retro have also been very quiet so maybe that surprise title will come from them…

Rise of The Tomb Raider


I LOVED the Tomb Raider reboot….And when I say “loved” I mean, went back through the game multiple times, MADE my friends play it and explored every inch of the massive island. When the game was announced, I got those feelings of joy all over again and Rise of The Tomb Raider will no doubt be a big vocal point of Microsoft’s press conference. This will be something amazing and with Uncharted 4 not hitting until 2016, it looks like Rise of The Tomb Raider will consume most of my time when it’s released.

Uncharted 4


Speaking of Uncharted 4, Sony’s PS4 exclusive rounds out our top 5 titles we are looking forward to for this year’s E3. Although we are a bit bummed that the game won’t hit store shelves until 2016, We are dying to hear more about the game. Uncharted 4 is going to be a main focus in Sony’s camp and I will be hanging on every word in the new trailer. I love the series and stayed up many nights playing it with a friend until we finished the entire series. It’s such a great game and we can’t wait to see what Naughty Dog brings to the table with this 4th (and final?) entry.


Well, there you have it my friends; my top 5 titles I can’t wait to see next month at E3 2015 (although I am SO FREAKING excited for Battleborn as well). This year is going to be an amazing show and we can’t wait to see all the quality games from the big 3.

If you had to pick your top 5 games that you want to see, what would they be?


  1. My top 5 Sony 2015 E3 wishlist:

    5). PS1 classics finally announced cross buy/play on PS4 (they’re cross buy/play on PSP, Vita, and PS3, but NOT the newest most powerful PS4)
    4). New Resistance, Wipeout, Twisted Metal, or Jet Moto/Splashdown reboot (water/wave racing genre is wide open empty for the taking!!!)
    3). New God of War(4) PS4 trailer + release date + GOW4 demo announced exclusive with GOW3 Remastered
    2). Last Guardian RE-reveal
    1). Uncharted Trilogy HD remaster (1-3 1080p/60fps, maybe throw in Golden Abyss for good measure, OR U4 demo/beta access would be even better!!)
    My top 5 Microsoft 2015 E3 wishlist:

    5). Xbox Live digital arcade games cross buy/play (X360/X1)
    4). New Perfect Dark
    3). Shadow Complex 2 (or prequel)
    2). New Gears of War (“4”?) gameplay trailer + release date
    1). Gears of War 1-J HD remaster collection on 1 disc (ala Halo:MCC). 1080p/60fps/1 disc collection is all I’m really looking for here, as opposed to individual remake(s) sold separately…
    My top 5 Nintendo 2015 E3 wishlist:

    5). Mario Galaxy 3, Mario Sunshine HD, or SM3DW2
    4). Starfox gameplay trailer & confirmed 2015 release date
    3). New Zelda WiiU trailer (SHOW US A DUNGEON!!!!)
    2). New F-Zero WiiU or F-Zero HD collection (SNES, N64, GC 3 games on 1 disc)
    1). Metroid WiiU reveal trailer!!!!!!!

  2. My most anticipated games are from all platforms.

    Xbox One top games:
    1) Gears of War 4
    2) Crackdown
    3) Rise of the Tomb Raider
    4) Rare’s new game
    5) Scalebound

    PS4 top games:
    1) God of War 4
    2) Uncharted 4
    3) Street Fighter 5
    4) Ratchet and Clank
    5) New Bloodborne DLC

    Nintendo WiiU top games:
    1) StarFox
    2) Metroid
    3) Mario Maker

    Multiplatform games:
    1) Mass Effect 4
    2) Deus Ex: Humankind Divided
    3) Mighty No. 9
    4) Just Cause 3
    5) The Division

  3. Rime, No Man’s Sky, Abzu, Wild, The Tomorrow Children, Until Dawn, Alienation, What Remains of Edith Finch, Drawn to Death, Persona 5, Uncharted 4, Mad Max, Deep Down, Halo 5, Quantum Break, Below, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Cuphead, Inside… what some of Sony’s studios are working on, I need to hear from Santa Monica, Quantic Dream, Guerilla, Media Molecule, Polyphony, Bend, Naughty Dog (please be working on savage starlight or TLOU2 in addition to Uncharted), and Sucker punch.

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