Top 4 Games We Want To Hear About At This Year’s E3 But Won’t


Anytime E3 is on the horizon, we get all giddy and warm inside. It’s the equivalent of Christmas in June and we here at MVGN cannot wait until next month. So many games will be shown and the big 3 have a lot to prove at E3 2015. Since E3 has been the place to announce new titles, we have compiled a list of games that we would love to hear come next month (but probably won’t)! So, without further ado, here are the top 4 games we want to hear about at this year’s E3 but probably won’t.

Why top 4….WHY NOT!?

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 logo at angle TRUE v3

I feel like I will never stop playing Borderlands. Although I have invested hours upon hours into each game, I STILL play each game to this very day. I love the series and will continue to level up each one of my many characters for a long while. While Borderlands 3 is inevitable (thank God), we think that 2K and the Borderlands team are knee deep in Battleborn development. I cannot wait to hear more about Battleborn I have been impressed by what was shown thus far… It would be amazing if we did get to see what’s in store for the next Borderlands game.

Half Life 3


This one should be obvious. Half Life 3 has yet to see the light of day and if this game ever gets announced or shown, the internet as we know it would cease to exist. Half Life 2 captured the hearts of gamers everywhere and players have been waiting Half Life 3 for years now… And we think that the gaming community will continue to wait and wait and WAIT (unfortunately).

NintendoLand 2


Say what you want but I liked NintendoLand. It’s a great game that made perfect use of the Wii U gamepad and will go down as one of the most underrated games of this generation. It displayed perfectly the many uses of the innovative Gamepad but we think Nintendo has been up to bigger things (new system, trying to convince the public to buy Wii U, Zelda, New 3DS, Mobile games etc). It’s a shame because although NintendoLand may not be that “killer app” that many people want, it is a fun game to play with family and friends and has put a smile on everyone that has checked it out.

Beyond Good and Evil 2


Sadly, I have a feeling that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is going to way of the dodo. I just think that this is going to be one of those games that Ubisoft has put on the “development hell” shelf but we pray that they prove us wrong come E3 2015. This is the one game on this list that may actually make the cut but I have a bad feeling about this. It will be interesting to see what is shown during Ubisoft’s press conference and we will be watching with wide eyes during the show.

Well my friends, there you have it. If you want to let us know what games YOU think won’t make it to this year’s show (but have a chance), let us know in the comment section.


  1. The Last Guardian. Sony’s lies and overhype continue and they’ll pull the same trick with another game this E3.

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