Mobile Browser Game of The Week


It’s that time again my friends, time where we bring you our mobile game of the week! We have been running this little feature for the past couple of weeks so we thought we would highlight another mobile browser game. Sure there are a ton of games for your smartphone BUT if you’re looking for something to play that you don’t have to download, just open up your mobile browser and check out some of these titles.

This weeks game is a title called Papa’s Cheeseria and it will be released tomorrow afternoon! The premise of the game is that a new cheeseria will have its opening night with a big party and a band, but all the equipment was stolen. You must then serve your new customers, get paid and help the band regain their instruments. Sounds kinda interesting, don’t you think? The best part of these “mobile browser” games is that they are free and will help kill some time if you’re waiting in a line somewhere or if you just want some mindless fun.

Check out the features that this game will include:

– 40 special recipes that are worth many points;
– Hire a waiter to better serve its customers;
– Customize the chef de cuisine and the restaurant;
– Achieve up to 113 items on the menu;
– Free up 96 guests “crazy”;

So, if you want some bite sized fun on your mobile device, check out this game. Like I said it’s mindless fun and you may just end up falling in love with one of them. Thanks for tuning in and be sure to check out next weeks feature.