Nintendo Collecting Interview


If you never heard the words “Hey Nintendo fans and collectors…” you, my friends, are in for a treat. We here at MVGN have tracked down one of our favorite YouTubers and asked Lithium from his popular Youtube channel NintendoCollecting for an interview and he granted our request.

So, without further ado, check out our interview with one of the internets most popular Nintendo collectors!

So, when did you decide to really focus on collecting Nintendo items?

I always wanted to play Nintendo games growing up (I had a Sega Genesis and was jealous of my friends who had Nintendo), and then bought a Nintendo 64 with saved up birthday money when I was 10 years old. Around 2007 – 2008 I began taking collecting Nintendo products seriously.

Why Nintendo?

Nintendo keeps me smiling while gaming, which is sort of a motto I use on my channel. The games are generally light hearted, fun, and immersive which helps me escape and focus on the positive things in life.


When did you realize that you had something “really going” with collecting Nintendo things and decided to turn it into something big?

I never intended to turn the collection into something big, it was simply a logical progression. After I had a lot of the games I wanted, I branched into collecting the color variants for the N64. I documented my collection’s progress on Youtube to show how collecting can be done on a budget while being a student. I am pleased with how the Nintendo Room has turned out so far, but am always looking to improve it.

Now, I have watched a lot of your videos (collecting tips 101) but for those who haven’t, please give the readers some tips for collecting in case they want to get into it.

First and foremost, collect what you love. Be it Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, coins, stamps, anything. If you love the items it makes collecting much more enjoyable and your passion will shine through.

Secondly, have a budget. This will keep your collecting habits realistic and in check. Otherwise things can get out of hand too quickly.
Third, know your stuff. Make sure you know what is valuable and what is not. Know how to spot a fake item and what a real one looks like. The internet helps tremendously with this now.

Fourth, look everywhere – locally at games shops, garage sales, flea markets; ask friends and family; go to game swap meets, and of course search online too.
Fifth and lastly, go at your own pace. I see too many people (myself included), that are too quick to compare what they have to other collections. Be proud of what you have, enjoy it, and remember that building a great collection can take years if not decades.

Do you collect anything else?

Growing up, I collected Transformers, Attack Packs, and Pokémon cards. These were more to play with and I still have most of them. Today, I solely focus on Nintendo. One giant room is enough!

Do you have a favorite item in your collection?

I really like the Millennium 2000 controller since it is 1 of 1,000 made, has a unique color scheme and buttons, and simply looks retro with the silver, black and red color scheme.

LOVE his collection!  Check out all that Nintendo goodness!

LOVE his collection! Check out all that Nintendo goodness!

Does anyone in your family collect anything?

A lot of them do actually. My father has a huge hockey card collection. My wife collects carousel houses. My father in law collects coins. I guess everyone has a passion which is great to see.

Who wins in a fight, Bowser or Ganondorf?

Pulls out Super Smash Bros – That is like saying who is better, Mario or Link. Depends on the day, especially since they both seem to eternally reincarnate. Logic tells me Bowser since he tries to control the universe whereas Ganondorf is usually concerned with just Hyrule.

What are your other favorite hobbies?

Sports, books and board games. I love to coach and play volleyball, badminton, and soccer. This usually takes up 15 hours of my week. I also love to read and write – I am working on a series of fantasy novels. Otherwise spending time with friends playing board games is my usual Friday night.

What was your hardest Nintendo item to track down?

The sealed Watermelon Red blister pack Nintendo 64 controller. I looked for it for over 2 years locally and online before finding one. Even then they wouldn’t ship to Canada so I had it sent to an Uncle in the United States before it was then re-shipped to me.

What do you think Nintendo has in store for their next machine NX?

I think they need to make their next console friendlier for third party developers. Nintendo has so many amazing first party franchises, and they always deliver on those. Rumors of it being Android based would make sense. I could see them fusing their handheld and home console into one product line. I definitely believe that they stay true to their 5 year life cycle of consoles, so expect a 2017 release of the NX which will cost no more than $300. They will still release physical versions of games, but will look to make digital downloads a much bigger focus.

Where can our readers find you in case they want to hear more?

If you Google ‘Nintendo Collecting’ my Youtube channel and Twitch will come up. I am looking to stream Nintendo games 4 days a week starting in July on Twitch. Also, I am launching a website at over the summer too. Keep smiling while gaming and thanks for asking me some great questions!








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