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According to Twitter user Tamaki, NX, Nintendo’s next gaming device, will not be as powerful as a PS4. Tamaki has repeatedly shown that he is able to obtain unknown information on multiple Nintendo projects so I would listen close to when they say something. Although this is somewhat of discerning news, I have read recently that 3rd party developers seem interested in what Nintendo has cooking up so only time will tell what the NX actually is. Nintendo has gone on record stating that we will not hear anything about the project until 2016 so we may have to wait a while.

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  1. He has put 2 and 2 together and assumed that Nintendo hiring people to work on low power high performance hardware that it means it won’t be competing with ps4 a weak console getting fake advertising everywhere mainly online….he’s also trolling.

  2. With WiiU Iwata has said it is not that behind ps4 in terms of capability’s and has said many times it’s misconception about wiiu and it not being powerful so I’m sure NX by default will crushps4 grow up.

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