How Tearaway Unfolded’s Companion App Sold Me On The Game


I must admit, I was never sold on Tearaway. Even though the game received stellar reviews on the PS Vita and early play sessions for the PS4 title have been all positive, the game never really caught my attention. It’s weird because Tearaway seems to be a game that I would be drawn to because it just oozes with style and seems like a title that I would want to play. Alas my friends, I have never played the game nor did I plan on playing it until now. I just got done watching the new Tearaway Companion App trailer and I must admit, I am impressed. Being a father of 5, I am always looking for new and interesting games for the family and this one seems like it’s going to fit the bill perfectly. The thought of my son or daughter walking through the games world while I draw new and interesting things on my tablet and then sharing them while they play is mind blowing.

Tearaway Unfolded has quickly become a must have title for me personally and I am pleasantly surprised. Surely this companion app may not convert everybody but the sheer thought of this is pretty outstanding. It’s very “forward thinking” for a companion app and could produce some very amazing things if done right (which that seems to already be the case). I already know that we will see some less than “family friendly” creations on PSN but that’s not going to be the reason why I am getting this game. It’s a nifty innovation that should’ve been done earlier and could set the standard for other companion apps. Up until now, I can’t really think of another companion app that has this much potential.

I guess what I am saying is that I hope we see more of this kind of stuff in the future. There is a huge market that this could expose and it really could expand gameplay for everyone in the family. Give the new trailer a watch and let me know what you guys think.

So much potential…