Patch Notes For Splatoon Update On August 5th Arrive


On August 5th Splatoon will be getting a huge update which brings a large amount of fresh new content to the popular shooter. As you can see from the patch notes below, there’s a comprehensive amount of changes including Squad Battle and Private Battle matchmaking options. Check out the full details below and get ready for this new download this week:

Squad Battle

Private Battle

Level Changes
– Level cap has been increased to LV50.
— At LV20, when you enter the lobby and listen to the explanation, your level cap will be increased.

Ranked Battle Changes
– S and S+ ranks have been added.
— you can only progress in S and S+ rank in Ranked Battle (not Squad Battles).
— you will not gain or lose rank points contributing towards S and S+ in Squad Battles.
– Adjusted win/loss point calculations in Ranked Battle.
– If your rank changes while playing in Ranked Battle, you will automatically be returned to the lobby.

New Gear
– New gear has been added, and will randomly appear for purchase in shops.

– New BGM has been added, and will be added to the random battle BGM rotation.

Splatfest changes
– At the conclusion of Splatfest, the win percentage contribution multiplier has been changed from 2x to 4x.

Stage updates
– Urchin Underpass: Significantly modified the layout in all modes.
– Saltspray Rig: Modified the layout in Tower Control.
– Arowana Mall: Modified the layout in Splat Zones.
– Kelp Dome: Modified the layout in Splat Zones and Tower Control.
– Moray Towers: Modified the layout in Splat Zones and Tower Control.

Special Weapon updates
– Inkzooka: Increased the points required to fill the gauge from 180p to 220p.
– Echolocator: Increased the points required to fill the gauge from 180p to 200p.
– Killer Wail: Decreased the points required to fill the gauge from 180p to 160p.
?Numbers reflect rates before Special Charge Up is applied.

Subweapon updates
– Splash Wall: Corrected the amount of damage bombs would deal to the Splash Wall in rare cases.

Gear updates
– Tenacity: if a match starts with one team already having a fewer number of players, the special gauge now fills up when the match actually begins instead of beforehand.
– Special Charge Up: normalized the amount of special you get based on the amount of turf painted if you have a lot of Special Charge Up equipped, so painting large areas now gives you much more meter than before.

Battle SFX updates
– Made it easier to tell what direction an Inkstrike is coming from.
– Made it easier to hear SFX from certain long-range attacks.

– Other quality of life updates.