Mobile Browser Game of The Week: My Dolphin Show 7

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 2.40.50 PM

It’s already the weekend everyone and you know what that means; time for MVGN to share our “Mobile Browser Game of The Week”. Every time I type that I imagine an announcer saying it over a giant loud speaker…. But I digress… Today’s Mobile Browser Game of The Week will likely be aimed at little ones as my girls LOVED this game. This week’s game is called My Dolphin Show 7 and has players controlling a dolphin in order to perform the perfect show. Like I said, this one is definitely aimed at the younger audience but it should keep them busy for a little while. Here is the description for the game:

Earn a perfect score the from the aquatic judges in My Dolphin Show 7! As the trainer, you will teach the dolphin how to rush, leap, and flip. You can catch fish during each round for extra points. Learn new stunts to win the trophy!

While I had not idea that there were 6 titles in the series, we just discovered this one recently. Although there isn’t too much depth in this one, there are a decent amount of things to collect and will keep you or your kids busy while waiting in line somewhere or if you’re trying to kill sometime at work. The good thing about these mobile browser games is that you can either play them directly on your smartphone without downloading a single item or in your work browser (just don’t get caught).

If you have little ones or are in love with dolphins, consider trying this one out. As always, thanks for reading and be sure to tune in next week when we bring you another (announcer voice) “Mobile Browser Game of The Week”.