Could Nintendo be embracing an all digital future?

Could Nintendo be embracing an all digital future?

In case you missed yesterday’s hoopla surrounding Nintendo and their latest patents, the company has filed for a stationary game console without an optical disc. This could strongly point to Nintendo being very proactive in working towards an all digital future. Here are some other facts regarding Nintendo’s new NX system.

This summary of the patent was created by NeoGAF member, Sinxtanx:

It’s a game console! The example console has no disc drive. You connect it to a television and play video games.

The example is totally of a Digital-only console but this in no way restricts any other NX hardware to be exactly that, says patent. Digital-only can be made on the cheap tho, says patent.

Passage literally confirming NX device with disc drive (bolded is my notes):
Other hardware configs need not neccessarily include an HDD. (Like, say a portable device? Hmm?)

Has HDD, Internet, CPU, GPU, RAM, like a home console would

OS Kernel has its own memory, and it’s fast so the console can boot faster
an check if the main OS has been tampered with by checking additional storage and restore corrupted high-security data

OS has full multitasking support

You can download games to the console

Games installed to HDD

Games have code for more than one hardware configuration and the hardware determines what code is the right one to run (NX is a platform like iOS, duh it has this)

External hard drives can be connected and you can install games to them

Can emulate different HDD read/write speeds primarily for games that have special code for external HDDs, can seemingly pretend that the HDD is an optical disc as well. SPEED CONTROL

Controller with rechargeable battery (Pro Controller?)

Interesting passages:

Controller with screen. GamePad support? Could be new controller, too. Will probably have at LEAST the functionality of the GamePad.

Can charge the GamePad equivalent by plugging it into the console.

Save files are stored on the HDD O_O OMG WOW

Bolded could be interpreted as being the oft-touted “high texture download” option.

Can read/write SD cards. This allows for retail distribution or OS updates using SD cards.

Really any data that you can think of putting on an SD card, can be used. No confirmation of anything.