Mobile Browser Game of The Week


It’s been about two weeks but I am happy to announce that our Mobile Browser Game of The Week feature is back! In case you missed this feature here at MVGN, we have teamed up with Poki to bring you mobile games that you can play directly in your smartphones browser. It’s a nifty little alternative if you need to kill sometime at work (these games also work on your computer) or are in line somewhere waiting to be served. This weeks game is one called Clicker Heroes.

If you are unfamiliar with this game it’s a very basic game that hooks you right in and becomes quite addicting even though you literally press one button. Click, click, and click to defeat every evil creature! This one-button action game features extremely simple, addictive battles. You will encounter dangerous tarantulas, bees, mushrooms, and other foes in the forest. Spend gold on additional heroes to aid you in battle.

Sound too simple… It is and that’s the thing… This game is almost too simple for its own good but it also is very addicting. I sincerely thought I would never like what’s become known as a “cookie clicker” game but man was I wrong. This simple and addictive game is wrapped in some nice characters and despite not having any “real” gameplay, it scratches an itch that must be embedded in us somewhere. I kept asking myself, why am I still playing this- but I always kept coming back to it. I loved powering up my heroes and hiring new ones despite it being a one trick pony game.

If you have never played a cookie clicker game, expect one thing; to be just clicking the screen as many times as you can. Once you can get past that, you may become as addicted as we are (my son and I). Check it out and let us know what you think.