Mobile Browser Game of The Week; Cat Mario

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 4.13.51 PM

So today’s Mobile Browser Game of The Week has a certain familiarity that I know everyone will instantly spot. Hello everyone and we have another new game to bring you in our ongoing “Mobile Browser Game of The Week” feature. This weekly feature brings you some of the most interesting games you can play via your mobile browser. Whether it’s on your smartphone or in you web browser, these games that we feature will hopefully help you kill some time either at work or in a line somewhere. Today’s featured title is a game called Cat Mario and as you probably have guessed it, it’s a game that draws extreme inspiration from the worlds most popular plumber.

Lead Cat Mario through Mushroom Kingdom! This alternative platform game features question blocks, warp pipes, and new Koopa Troopas. You can ground pound the smiley villains to make them disappear. Jump onto bricks, and pass every foe without getting hit!

While the game sounds like it could be a knockout punch (I mean, seriously, where have we heard of a platforming title that looks and plays like this), it certainly feels a bit “declawed” if you get what we’re saying. Cat Mario is a challenging homage to one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises and can be fun in very small spurts. While this game is no doubt designed for that, we suggest that you keep this in mind while plugging away at the title. It will challenge gamers as they have perceived notions due to the fact that we have all played the original Mario Bros over and over again. Cat Mario throws some interesting twists to the familiar level design and should keep gamers on their toes.

Overall if you’re looking for a quick throwback that could provide you with some smiles, Cat Mario may be up your alley. It’s not the best clone out there but who knows, you may enjoy it.