Mobile Browser Game of The Week


It’s that time again my friends; time for us to give you our mobile browser game of the week. In case you’re new here, MVGN and our friends over at Poki have teamed up and are dedicated to brining you some sweet game that you can play either directly in your mobile web browser or on your (cough cough wink wink) work computer. Today’s game is a nifty little title called Sports Heads: Tennis Open. It’s a nice little time waister that has you pitted against some other tennis players.

The game lets players play tennis against big-headed superstars! This sports game lets you compete with offbeat athletes, such as Andy Roddink, Roger Federal, and Rafael Nepal. It makes you smirk a bit at its funny named characters and never really takes itself too seriously (if you’re looking for Virtua Tennis, look elsewhere). Players can hit the ball through special modifiers to keep changing the gameplay and keeps things fresh throughout your game. Basically players can hit certain power ups that will either help you during the game or will hinder you if your opponent gets to them first. Don’t let the ball hit the ground in Sports Heads: Tennis Open or you will lose.

These bite sized titles are always fun in short spurts and Sports Heads: Tennis Open is no exception. There are even little achievements that players are awarded throughout the game so that will help you stick around for a while and try to get each one of those. All in all, it’s not a bad little browser game. We (my family and I) found it fun picking up some of the power ups throughout our games and loved the physics based title even if it doesn’t have much depth.

Check it out if you want a nice time waister.