Mobile Browser Game of The Week

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It’s been a little over a week but we have an all new Mobile Browser Game of The Week for everyone to check out. This weekly features showcases a game that you all can play in your browser of your cell phone or on your work computers during break. It’s a nifty little column that helps break up our days into bite sized fun mobile browser games. This weeks title is called Wheely 6.

Solve puzzles in a cartoon world to drive away and win! Wheely 6: Fairytale gives you more control over the happy, red vehicle. In certain levels, you can use the steering wheel to turn and roll across clear paths. No obstacles can truly stop you!

Wheely 6 is one of the many car titles featured at our friends over at This one is geared towards the little ones so if you have kids or siblings that are of the younger generation, make sure you give this title a look. My kids liked poking around and clicking on the different objects within the game. Wheely 6 offers some nice little puzzled that will get your kiddos thinking.

All in all, this one won’t win any awards but will entertain your kids. It’s a nice little bit sized title that will keep them busy for a bit. Check it out and let us know what you think.