5 Things We Expect From Nintendo NX


It has been a very interesting week in regards to gaming. We are heading to the Holiday season, huge titles will be arriving soon and the new Nintendo system, codenamed NX, has been receiving some positive rumors float it’s way. From news of a very powerful system, to a 2016 rumored release date, things seem to be turning out positive for Nintendo and its NX system. While I am sure we will speculate on rumors sometime in the future, we here at MVGN have come up with a list of 5 things we expect from the Nintendo NX whenever the system is released.

So, without further ado, here is a list of 5 things we expect from the Nintendo NX.

No Region Lock on The System

Nintendo has hinted at this in the past and we fully expect that the Nintendo NX will not have a region lock on the system.  This may not be a deal breaker for some but it would be a welcome little addition for the next Nintendo system.  I would love the option to import some quirky titles that may not make it to the States (or wherever you live) and I think this would be a “win” for gamers.  Just from some hints we have been reading over this past year, we don’t think that NX will have a region lock on the system.

Games Games and More Games

Something is cooking over at Nintendo…. Something BIG.  Now we have gotten our hopes up before with the big N and, for the most part, have not been let down by them, but we believe Nintendo has finally learned its lesson and will have a number of titles headed to the NX.  It’s a little odd that games like “Mario Tennis” for Wii U seem to have appeared out of thin air and that we have yet to hear what Retro Studios has been working on for so long.  It just seems as though Nintendo is really making a big push for having some of its “big hitters” when it launches the NX and we think it will need to entice gamers with tons of games (Nintendo has to know this as well).

Nintendo has recently opened a new developer webpage for the next generation system pointing to a strong push of indie developed titles as well.  While the Wii U is very “indie friendly”, they really seem to be pushing the envelope and are attracting a number of developers from all over the globe to shift their focus and head to NX.  Recent rumors of the NX having “next gen” components as well (the system is rumored to be CRAZY powerful) will no doubt attract 3rd parties back to Nintendo which has been missing for quite some time.  Imagine a system that plays ALL the major 3rd party games as well as Nintendo’s outstanding lineup of titles (sounds like a match made in heaven to us).

We think that the big N will release an all new 3D Mario, Zelda (dual release on Wii U), Pikmin 4, a new IP AND a sequel to the ubber-popular Splatoon to start things off and will give the system a very strong launch lineup.  We think Nintendo will follow this up with great 3rd party support as well as HD remakes to fill some gaps.  We all know that Nintendo has a truck load of important franchises and we expect the company to finally go deep into their warchest of games and may allow other companies to work on some of their franchises as well (hey, Hyrule Warriors did pretty well, right?!)

Online Ecosystem That Rivals PSN and XBOX Live

Let’s be honest; Nintendo’s online needs a serious overhaul.  While Miiverse is pretty nifty and online matches are typically decent, their online ecosystem doesn’t hold a candle to PSN or XBOX Live.  We think that Nintendo (finally) realizes this and will allow gamers to be even more connected than ever with their upcoming system.  IF Nintendo still wants to play parent and monitor their games with online play, we still think that gamers will be able to watch players via mobile devices on a dedicated Nintendo app and be in constant contact with their closest friends.  If Nintendo could just add that “Nintendo magic” to their online ecosystem, they could revolutionize the way people connect with games.  We think the partnership with DeNA is a step in the right direction and hope to see some innovative online tricks with NX.

Amiibo Support Continues in More Ways

Nintendo has found TREMENDOUS success with its Amiibo lineup.  The popular toys continue to sell and have been Nintendo’s way of printing money for most of the year.  I can’t see Nintendo dropping Amiibo anytime soon and we expect the big N to continue support for the awesome toys. Nintendo has struck a cord with Nintendo fanboys and collectors alike and we see them riding this horse way into the sunset.

I will even go out on a limb and say expect a number of 3rd parties to “get in on the Amiibo action” as well and will no doubt entice a number of popular franchises to the system (imagine your favorite 3rd party characters getting the “Amiibo treatment”) .

Nintendo Will Drop The “Wii” Brand

This one is easy.  Nintendo will drop the “Wii” brand.  While the original Wii was truly a mover and shaker type system, Wii U often confused the general public and never gained footing in terms of retail sales.  While I am still in love with Nintendo’s system, it’s time for the “Wii” brand to go.  When Nintendo releases the NX, it will be under a completely different name.


As always, thanks for reading.  While some of this may seem like a pipe dream, we truly expect this list to come to fruition.  I have been glued to the computer ever since I heard rumblings of the NX, so I think these are a good collection of things to expect from Nintendo’s next system.

What do you guys think?