How We Would Roll Out Nintendo’s NX System


We are going to play a little game… Let’s just say that I have become the president of Nintendo and have been tasked with rolling out the next Nintendo system, the Nintendo NX. As we all know, Nintendo will be showcasing the new system sometime this year and they need to get this one right. Although we truly LOVE the Wii U (it’s an incredible system), commercially it has been a MAJOR flop for the company. It’s no secret and it looks as though Nintendo is set to change gears and focus on their upcoming project, NX. They could pretend that they will “continue to support” the Wii U, but we all know the system (and possibly the 3DS) is on life support. Hype has been building for Nintendo’s upcoming system and I have decided to share exactly how I would roll things out this year for the project.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy my little story.

The Nintendo NX is coming. We all know that it is but the way Nintendo will bring the system to light is still a mystery. The big N went on record (last year mind you), stating that they will not show the system until 2016…And, here we are… it’s 2016! This article outlines HOW we would roll the SYSTEM out and not which games we want (although some will be mentioned, this is just an article about the launch of system itself).


I would start wetting everyone’s appetite for the system in early February (which is exactly when their next investment meeting is) and announce a hefty price drop for Wii U and 3DS during that time as well.  Let’s get people talking about what Nintendo has been up to and ride a “hype wave” for the entirety of 2016. I would announce that the system is alive and kicking and we cannot wait to show it off to the public. I would also announce exactly when gamers can expect to actually see the system (an early-to-mid April Nintendo Direct) with a full reveal at this year’s E3. I would plan out a coming out party devoted to the new system during the Springtime and follow it up with a full blown showing come E3 2016.

E3 2016 would be a main focus for Nintendo and an official press conference would be required. It’s not the end all be all but gamers love these events and although I LOVE what Nintendo does with their Nintendo Direct presentations (more on that later), this year I would focus on showcasing my new system at this year’s big show with a full blown press conference.  This, again, would get gamers talking even more during this time and it would be a good thing for the company to get people to react in a positive way.  A new system is a new system, so whatever is shown (more likely than not), gamers would walk away from E3 discussing the NX.

Speaking of E3 2016, nothing would be held to the imagination when the press conference concludes. Gamers would know when they would be able to get the system (presumably November 2016), how much it is going to cost and what is coming down the pipe line. I would march every 3rd party I could up on stage and let everyone know that Nintendo is still in the game. Nintendo NX is going to be something special and Nintendo really needs to communicate that to the general public. The system is going to have to be attractive to gamers and I would showcase nearly every game in development for the NX. After the credits roll from the presentation (closing with Zelda), I would announce that the company will be holding a Nintendo Direct EVERY MONTH for the rest of the year, leading up to the systems release.  This would not only excite gamers, it would continue to let the hype train roll. Since E3 2016 happens in June, that would mean July-October would feature a different launch game for the system. Splatoon 2, a new 3D Mario, Super Smash Bros NX (the Wii U game with ALL DLC in one package) and Pikmin 4 would be my launch titles (as well as Zelda U) for the system and would be the focus of each of the aforementioned Directs. From there, come December, I would the year off with a “year-ending” Nintendo Direct showcasing all the games headed to the system in 2017 and beyond.

This should help Nintendo gain a ton of momentum headed up to the systems launch and really get people excited for the system. People were initially excited when the Wii U launched but it fizzled out quickly. Nintendo needs to capitalize on being the “new system in town” and build it up to crazy levels of hype.


From there, I would parade the system anywhere I could. Malls, TV Shows, popular YouTubers and every social media site out there would be sprinkled with NX. This would get people talking about the system and gamers wouldn’t be able to escape NX discussions (as we all know, they have already begun).

2016 could be a pinnacle year for Nintendo and its gaming business. We all know that they have a war chest of money, IP’s, liquid assets and character power but the company really needs to let gamers know that they are “back and better then ever” so to speak for the release of this system.

I hope you enjoyed the article and let me know how you would plan things if you ran Nintendo. Thanks for reading!