Pokemon Rainbow Headed to 3DS


Our good friend MetalDave from Nintengen is reporting that there will be an all new Pokemon title headed to the Nintendo 3DS in celebration of the franchises 20th anniversary. The title is rumored to be called Pokemon Rainbow and will make its appearance on the Nintendo handheld. Our good friend also had a slew of new information regarding the plans for the Nintendo 3DS so check them out below:

3DS release list 2016:

Spring-Early Summer
Mario and Sonic Rio 2016
Nintendo Selects Wave 1
Hyrule Warriors Legends
Disney Art Academy
Bravely Second
Code Name: “Caviar F” (casual friendly smaller budget game)
Metroid Prime: Federation Force


Code name: “Torte City” big budget unannounced game for all gamers core/all ages
Dragon Quest VII
Code name: “Cadillac” (casual friendly smaller budget game late summer)


3DS Hardware Price Cut
Code name: “N-Stars” big budget game for all ages
Nintendo Selects Wave 2
Code name: “DMW2” possibly Disney Magical World 2
Dragon Quest VIII
Pokémon 20th Anniversary game “Niji” Japanese translation: “Rainbow”

Seems like the the Nintendo 3DS is going to have a great 2016. What do you guys think?