NX Controller Leaked? UPDATE

NX controller

Take a look above my friends because this could be the highly rumored Nintendo NX controller. A couple of days back, an image was revealed to be a leak for the NX controller and I decided NOT to post the image as I thought it was just another fake…However, more and more details are emerging that could spell that the leak was indeed real and the image above (along with other internet outlets) are indeed confirming that this could very well be the controller for the upcoming system.

I will not pass judgement on the controller as of yet but form what I am hearing, it’s going to be something special. Although it may look a bit odd, the controller is rumored to have haptic feedback which means the lack of any physical buttons shouldn’t worry anyone. File this one under rumor for now but things are looking more plausible.

Interesting to say the least. What do you guys think?

UPDATE: Some sources are saying that this controller is “accurate to what they have been hearing” and others are saying “take this with a HUGE grain of salt”…We don’t know who to believe!!!

The update comes from GameInformer’s head honcho (confirming the images) as well as twitter’s popular user, Liam Robertson (denying the images)



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