Emily Rogers Shares The Games She Thinks Will Be On Nintendo NX Year One


Nintendo sleuth and proven reporter Emily Rogers has taken to Twitter and dropped some tidbits of what SHE thinks is headed to the Nintendo NX in its first year at retail. All of what she mentions seem to line up with current rumors and we cannot wait to hear more about Nintendo’s next system (which apparently we will HAVE to wait as Nintendo has stated that the system will not make an appearance at E3 this year).

Nintendo announced that its next system, codenamed NX, is headed for a global release in March 2017. Here are the games that she thinks will make it to the system in its first year:

-Legend of Zelda
-Smash Bros
-Pikmin 4
-Retro Studios project (rumored to NOT BE Donkey Kong OR Metroid)
-3D Mario
-Mario Kart
-Animal Crossing (maybe)

Couple this with some 3rd party support (praying) and it seems like the system will have an amazing first year.