Overwatch’s Future Revealed


A slew of new Overwatch details have arrived, so be sure to check out the highlights below:

There’s a big discussion about how the ranked mode works (which is still targeting the end of June). It’s now a system where you can rank up and down. The game will try to match you by skill, and at equal party sizes. The seasons will last about 2.5 months.

There will be more information about the new maps and heroes coming starting a bit later into the Summer.

They’re already working on updates all the way through to early next year so they have a steady rate of new content, though they’re open to changing the rate based on community feedback.

The first few new heroes will be released one at a time since beta players reacted very negatively to three being released at once.

Jeff confirms Sombra is real and that we haven’t found all the hints in the game about her yet. Presumably she’s the first new hero coming.

They’re open to the idea of Xbox and PlayStation players playing together, but have made no progress on this topic as of yet.

Jeff notes that the server runs at a tick rate of 60, though that the client could be updated to run at 60 as well if more people are willing to test it in the custom game mode. Currently it doesn’t work for about 20% of their player base and they need more people to test it before it can be rolled out to Quick Play. He does say most of the killed around corner issues are from latency though, and not the tick rate.

McCree’s Fan The Hammer damage is getting nerfed so that it doesn’t kill tanks, definitely kills lightweight heroes, and maybe kills medium health heroes.

D.Va is either going to get a damage buff (mostly in terms of lowering the rate at which damage drops off over distance) or survivability buff, but not both. They’re testing both options currently. This will be later than the McCree nerf, which sounds like it’s soon.