A number of new hot fixes are coming to Battleborn and you can check out the full list below. The game from 2K will also be getting a new character in the near future so stay tuned for that. Here are all the new hot fixes below:

Reduced Marquis’s Bindlebane sniper base damage by 15%
Reduced Marquis’s base health by 12%
Increased Reyna’s Laser Pistol base damage by 20%.
Increased Galilea’s primary attack base damage by 14%.
Increased El Dragon’s base health by 16%.
Increased the base damage of Ambra’s Solar Wind by 43%.
Increased Boldur’s Health Regeneration per second from 3 to 7.
Fixed an issue with the effects of Montana’s Firestorm tracers.
Fixed an issue that caused shadow effects to persist under El Dragón.
Made adjustments to PvE levels so that combat music will play more frequently.
Removed an extraneous critical hit effect from minions.
Adjusted the description of the Legendary effect of “Go Go Juice” to more accurately reflect the functionality.
Increased the Legendary effect cooldown time of “Boots of the Brute.”