RUMOR: Is Bravely Default Headed to Nintendo NX?


Bravely Default is celebrating it’s 4 year anniversary. Square Enix’s official Bravely Default Twitter account has announced that the popular JRPG for the 3DS is officially celebrating this momentous anniversary. Here is what they had to say regarding the game (notice the little tease at the end):

“It’s Bravely‘s four-year anniversary! We apologize as news has been scant recently. There may be something soon….!?”

So, the most interesting part is right at the end of the tweet…. It states that we may be getting news “soon” regarding the franchise. Now if we remember, Nintendo held a pretty BIG Nintendo Direct last month which would no doubt be host to a new Bravely Default game. IF in fact the title was headed to the handheld, wouldn’t they announce it during the big show?

Seeing that this tweet mentions that we may be hearing something “soon” regarding the series AND that the Nintendo 3DS Direct had no mention of one of its biggest games, it may be safe to assume that the franchise may indeed be heading to the Nintendo NX. Nintendo is said to be officially announcing the much sought after system “soon” and what better way to entice even more gamers than with a full blown JRPG for their new console.

Whether or not it would be a remaster or a new entry into the series remains to be seen but did Square just drop a NX bomb? Let us know in the comment section!