Is Pokemon Sun and Moon Headed to Nintendo Switch?


Is Pokemon Sun and Moon Headed to Nintendo Switch? Well, according to Eurogamer (those wonderful people who were DEAD RIGHT on what the Switch was), the popular game is indeed headed to the Nintendo Switch. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Multiple sources tell Eurogamer the game is already well into development, will launch in 2017, and currently holds the codename of Pokémon Stars.

Earlier generations of Pokémon games have featured a third title launched later with expanded features – Pokémon Yellow followed Game Boy originals Red and Blue to start this trend, which continued through until Pokémon Platinum followed Diamond and Pearl on DS.

With Pokémon Stars, this idea will be revived – but for the first time we’ll see the mainline Pokémon series spanning separate Nintendo consoles within the same generation of games.

Indeed, Switch will be the first Nintendo “home” console to receive a main Pokémon adventure. It only took 20 years.

If this pans out, this would be incredible news for future Nintendo Switch owners. As always, more as it develops.