Rumor Time; Next Call of a Duty Called Call of Duty: WW II

This just in…  the next Call of Duty may have just been leaked.  According to the newly surfaced image (above), the next game in the popular series will be called Call of Duty: WW II.  The image looks pretty convincing and if we match it up with last years disappointing sales for infinite warfare, it could indeed be a real leak.  Last years Call of Duty had players visiting space for battle but its main competitor, Battlefield 1, went old school and kept things on the ground.  Gamers everywhere seemed to prefer Battlefield 1 to last years Call of Duty, so it makes sense that the next game in the franchise may go back to its roots.  As always, file this one under rumor until something official is announced but we think this might not be too far off.  

Let us know what you guys think.  More on this possible rumor as it develops.