Puyo Puyo Tetris Switch Review

What do you get when you mix two popular puzzle games into one package? Apparently something amazing as Puyo Puyo Tetris for Nintendo Switch is a must have game if you own the system. From its vibrant colors to its bevy of game modes, this puzzle game needs to be apart of your Switch (or any) video game collection. This release marks a big win for Nintendo Switch fans and if you are even remotely interested in puzzle games, pick this one up.

So how did Puyo Puyo Tetris fair? Read on and find out!

I know what you might be thinking…. Tetris… Really? I have played Tetris so many times before so why do I need to purchase this game again? While I had that thought as well, it will never make this puzzle game “less fun” and if you have a party at your house, this will almost guarantee some play from the group (everyone loves Tetris right). Add to it an equally addicting Puyo Puyo puzzle game and we have another winner my friends.

Colorful, vibrant, addicting and grand are just a few adjectives to describe this puzzle gem. Players can choose to play just Tetris (the good ol’ fashion puzzle game), just Puyo Puyo or a mash up of both the games. It’s when the two titles smash together where things get very entertaining. You see, we know Tetris in my family. We have played the game numerous times and have loved every minute of it… Puyo Puyo on the other hand, we had never experienced and although it was very easy to pick up, it quickly made things very interesting once we played the two together. In a way, it’s a weird combination of two puzzle games and in the end just works. These two games just mesh together so well, we were wondering why this hadn’t happened before.

Puyo Puyo Tetris is colorful and crisp. The presentation is to notch and the menus are easy to navigate. The Switch version of the game makes this one extra special with the ability to “throw down” whenever and wherever your puzzle heart desires. We played it a ton over this weekend with friends on the big screen but I was also able to play it on the go when I took it out and about. It was fun to watch my friends instantly “get” what was going on and we had a blast with the different modes in the game (and there are a lot). Multiplayer will make this game shine and if you own a Nintendo Switch, now is the time to pick this up. It seemed like everyone wanted the next shot at the game so it was a sight to behold. Everyone was huddled around the little screen when it was in table top mode and was chomping at the bit for their chance to play.

All in all if you like puzzle games this is your oasis. It’s an excellent multiplayer title and it truly shines on the Nintendo Switch. Sega did an outstanding job presenting this into one unique game and everything just seems to work. Puyo Puyo Tetris hits the high note on so many levels, it’s hard to deny that this game should be in your Switch collection. Pick this one up now as you will not be disappointed. We are giving this game a high rating because it’s just so darn fun. We know you will enjoy it as well.

Overall MVGN Score: 9.0 out of 10.

As always, thanks for reading.