Castle Builder II: A Breath of Fresh Air in iGaming

iGaming – interactive gaming – was known for working with tried-and-tested recipes. Both land-based and online gaming venues have an almost standard set of games – slot machines, table games, lottery-type titles – with just a handful of variations on their rules, and most of the times the only difference between them being their look (especially in the case of slot machines) and the eventual bonuses they offer. Sometimes, in turn, a game emerges that has the potential to bring forth major changes in the world of iGaming by introducing fresh elements into the mix, elements that capture the attention of players. One of these games is Castle Builder II, set to be released at the Euro Palace Casino in the second quarter of 2017.

Chance meets “social”

Those who routinely play the best casino games online at Euro Palace know that most slot machines lack the feeling of progression. The only thing to measure their success or failure is their bankroll. Castle Builder II, in turn, doesn’t focus on gathering coins at all – the credits used in the game are but a means to an end: building more castles and finishing the game.

To achieve this effect, Austrian developer Rabcat Gambling has borrowed a few features from social games, like experience points, achievements, and player profiles, and mixed them with a real progression in their upcoming game. The result is a captivating game that can glue Euro Palace players to their screens for hours at a time

True progression

Initially, players will have to choose one of the two available builder profiles – Sam and Mandy -, each one with their own special features. Sam, a veteran builder, is more efficient, thus helping players to complete their projects faster. Mandy, in turn, is enthusiastic but inexperienced, making up for her lack of skill with extra features like free spins. A third builder profile is also available in the game, yet it has to be unlocked by reaching a certain level.

Once the players select their builder, they will get right to the point and start building castles. During the game, they will have to build their way through 15 kingdoms, build 75 castles, and interact with more than 300 characters – kings, princesses, and suitors. Each time they complete a project, players will have to choose one of the several suitors coming to woo its inhabitant. If they make the right choice, they will receive a hefty reward.

Release date

Microgaming, the platform provider behind the Euro Palace Casino, has presented Castle Builder II at its stand at this year’s ICE Totally Gaming in London. The game will be released at a yet unspecified date, sometime in the second quarter of 2017.