ARMS Nintendo Switch Review

What happens when you combine a quick and intuitive control scheme, vibrant, colorful graphics, a cast of characters that’s instantly lovable and a game that’s insanely fun to play? You have a brand new IP on one of Nintendo’s hottest systems in ARMS for Nintendo Switch. Yes my friends, ARMS has officially taken over the Nintendo Switch and chances are, you have already heard about it! The all new game from Nintendo has already made a huge splash since its release and with the promise of constant DLC (all free mind you), ARMS may end up becoming something great.

How does Nintendo’s latest release for the Switch fair? Read our official ARMS review and find out.

In a word, the game ARMS is unique. From it’s colorful, blend of characters to its instant pick up and play mechanic, the game is one of those titles that is easy to pick up and hard enough to master. Characters are equipped with spring-like “arms” and can punch from long distances. Think- a crazy, Punch Out like game, with an array of different characters and arenas. Players could instantly pick up the game but learning when to dodge, jump and unleash your ultimate takes more time and really is a great hook when it comes to the titles gameplay. According to Nintendo, there‚Äôs up to 9,000 possible ARMS combinations to choose from, each sporting their own elemental typing, so depth of fighter customization is no problem. Players will likely prefer a character or two and learning the intricacies of both character and ARMS type becomes a game in and of itself. Like speed? No problem, there’s a character for that! Love POWER? No problem, there’s a character for that as well! You get the gist and with more characters incoming in future DLC, we can’t wait to see what happens next.

On the graphics side of things, ARMS is what we have come to expect from a Nintendo game. It’s beautiful in motion, colorful and vibrant and the backgrounds come alive. The characters all feel distinct and unique and all sport their own personality. It’s a testament to Nintendo’s ability to produce a quality game and one that everyone in the family can enjoy. The game is silky smooth in both single and multiplayer and never seems to skip a beat when there’s a beating going on during the game. Simply put, the game looks beautiful.

Another positive check that we can mark in our boxes is that ARMS for Switch has a number of different modes that will keep players busy for quite some time. It’s nice to be greeted with a bevy of gameplay modes and have kept things interesting when playing this quality Switch game. We will battle it out in one on one and then switch things up (see what we did there) and take on the computer in a 2 VS 2 match. From there, we always love to check out and play other modes and Nintendo did a wonderful job filling this game up with them. I am sure that if you buy this game, there will be something for you to enjoy.

ARMS for Nintendo Switch really does have everything. From online play to co-op brawls to the promise of DLC, ARMS for Nintendo Switch is definitely a game to pick up if you have the system. It’s filled with great content, fun gameplay and incoming FREE DLC that will keep you busy for hours and will keep your house parties bumping way into the night. It’s fast, fun and frantic gameplay for everyone.

With it’s number of unique characters and array of game modes, ARMS may be one that you want to pick up and play yourself. If you have the time, check it out. We think you won’t be disappointed.

Overall MVGN score: 8.5 out of 10. Pick it up.

As always, thanks for reading everyone. We hope you enjoyed this review.

*Also- the game seems to have quite the fan art following, so be sure to check those out as well!

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