Moon Hunters Review (Nintendo Switch)

If you are like me, you love your Nintendo Switch. Not only has Nintendo been producing some MAJOR hits for the system, the Nintendo Switch’s eShop has become a treasure trove for some incredible games. The Switch has an amazing library of titles and if indie games aren’t your thing, you better give them a second look. Enter Moon Hunters for Nintendo Switch. An indie-RPG that plays like the movie Groundhog Day and sports an sweet art direction to boot.

How does Moon Hunters for Nintendo Switch fair? Read on and find out.

In my first play through for Moon Hunters, my friends and I beat the game in just over an hour. And while our initial reaction was “is that it?”, I quickly discovered that the more you play through the game, the better it becomes. Every single play through for Moon Hunters becomes a quest to make the game different. The indie title reminds me of a “choose your own adventure” book and offered a bevy of options revealing a number of different plot lines for your characters.

Most of your time is spent hopping from point to point on the world map, clearing areas of enemies and encountering random events. The point of the entire 1-hour adventure is to spoil the Sun Cult and return the absent Moon goddess to the sky. It’s a “rinse and repeat” play mechanic that should keep gamers busy for at least a few hours. The more you play through the game, the better the ending you can create. A couple of times, we found it pretty interesting to see how our choices affected the outcome of the story.

Gameplay wise, the load times are cumbersome (to say the least) and there is NOTICEABLE slowdown when there are multiple enemies on screen at once. We found this odd since the game went for a more simplistic style and nothing seemed too “graphic heavy” for this indie RPG. Playthroughs are short, events are randomized and there is some fun to be had here in this eShop gem.

And that’s really about it. ¬†As long as you understand that the game is short and sweet AND is made to be played through multiple times, you pretty much have the gist for Moon Hunters.

Moon Hunters is definitely something worth looking into. If you like old school tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons, you may be able to over look the horrible load times and occasional slow down. Moon Hunters shines when you have multiple people to play and is pretty nice to look at while you’re doing so. I have played worse indie titles but I have also played better. If the game was just a bit smoother, this would’ve been a solid addition to anyone looking for a decent RPG. I feel that Moon Hunters is tailor made for a specific crowd and may not hold a wide appeal and encourage everyone to download it.

Overall MVGN Score: 7 out of 10.

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