If Nintendo Secured These 3 Games For Switch, It Would Be a BIG DEAL

Hey everyone! I was thinking of what games I’d love to see on Switch and thought that these 3 games would be a HUGE DEAL if they landed on the System. Check out my latest Youtube video and let me know what YOU want on the system. Be sure to subscribe to the channel while you’re at it.

Japanese Hardware Sales

Here are the latest Japanese Hardware Sales (followed by last week’s sales) below. The PS4 has once again taken the top spot while the Nintendo Switch continues to impress with high sales as well. Check out the full rundown below:

PlayStation 4 – 41,496 (59,691)
Switch – 39,303 (43,404)
PlayStation 4 Pro – 8,006(11,615)
New 2DS LL – 5,778 (6,031)
PlayStation Vita – 4,959 (4,133)
New 3DS LL – 3,424 (3,581)
2DS – 959 (904)
Xbox One X – 133 (209)
Xbox One – 57 (52)

Super Smash Bros Switch Coming This Year?

Nintendo insider Emily Rogers is reporting that Nintendo plans to release a Super Smash Bros title this year for the Nintendo Switch console. The game will reportedly be released in time for the Holiday season and will be announced in the near future. This seems like a perfect game to take advantage of the upcoming online system for the Switch but we will have to wait a little longer to hear more. This news comes from a post on the popular video game forums reset era. Here is the quote from the forum:

I can only confirm two things:

1. A Smash Bros title will be announced and released for Switch later this year.
2. They added brand new content and re-worked some of the existing Wii U/3DS content.

As always, we will report more as it develops.


Here is the first look at Burnout Remastered. The game will be releasing on March 16th and is headed to the PS4 and XBOX One. I always loved the Burnout series and I wondered where this franchise went this generation. Watching this trailer brings back some fond memories of Burnout and I may have to pick it up for my PS4.

DOOM Nintendo Switch Patch Notes

Here are the full patch notes for the recent update for DOOM on Nintendo Switch. There are a number of major improvements, so be sure to check out the full rundown below:

New Features!

Motion Aiming – New control scheme option allows you to tilt the Nintendo Switch for more precise aiming
Multiplayer Parties – Added new party system, making it easier to group up and play with your friends in multiplayer
Updated Game Icon – Game icon now matches the DOOM for Nintendo Switch box art


Increased the average resolution in lower-res areas of the game
Implemented CPU optimizations
Added Traditional Chinese language support


Fixed an issue that resulted in a possible crash when using the BFG
Fixed an issue that caused audio issues while playing
Fixed an issue that caused stretched textures to appear in multiplayer
Fixed an issue where controls became unresponsive on the game menu
Fixed an issue where players may have incorrectly received a ban notice in multiplayer

Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy Almost Confirmed For Switch

It’s starting to become one of the industries worst kept secrets but Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy has “almost” been confirmed for Nintendo Switch. Spanish video game retailer XtraLife has put up a listing on their website for Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch and players were even able to preorder the game. I think Crash would have a good home on the Switch and we think it’s only a matter of time before the game gets officially announced.

More as it develops.

Unboxing Fun! SNES Wireless Controller Unboxing

Look what I got in the mail my friends! A SNES mini Wireless Controller from my arcade! Check out the video and be sure to leave a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. The controller felt real nice in the hands and I cannot wait to test it out with the SNES Mini. Check out the unboxing video and be sure to share with your friends.