Titanfall 2: Pilots Gameplay Trailer

Pilots are the fastest predator on the Frontier in Titanfall 2. Learn how Respawn Entertainment pushes the genre forward once again with new innovations that reaffirm Titanfall 2 as the fastest, most visceral shooter yet. Every time I set my eyes on Titanfall 2, it looks better and better. I am getting very excited for this one guys….

Check out the gorgeous new trailer and let us know if Titanfall 2 is on your gaming radar. Enjoy everyone.

Titanfall 2 is headed to PS4, XBOX One and PC on October 28.

Japanese Hardware Sales


The latest Japanese hardware sales have hit so check out the list below. Sony’s PS4 CRUSHED it last week shifting over 96k in hardware unties. The 2 popular handhelds round out the top 3 spots. Check out the full rundown below:

PS4 – 96.433
3DS – 38.140
PS Vita – 12.931
Wii U – 2.703
PS3 – 1.099
Xbone – 156

Gears of War 4: Launch Trailer

Here is the INTENSE, Gears of War 4 launch trailer for your viewing pleasure. The game has officially gone gold and will release on October 11th on XBOX One. The trailer certainly does not disappoint so if you’re even remotely interested in the game, check out this crazy launch trailer.



Check out some sweet For Honor from its alpha stage above. For Honor is coming along very nicely and has now piqued my interest. When the game was announced originally, I let out a “Meh”, but as I see more and more of the game, I am getting excited to test it out myself. For Honor is being developed by Ubisoft and will release in early 2017. The game is headed to PS4, XBOX One and, mark my words, NX.

Check it out and let us know what you think.


I still an unsure my friends about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Sure I want HD remake, but I will be skipping Infinite Warfare this year…. Anyway- here is the story trailer for the highly popular series, so be sure to give it a watch above.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be available for PS4, XBOX One and PC.

Official Destiny: Rise of Iron Launch Trailer

Get fired up for Destiny: Rise of Iron, available on 9/20. Includes a new cinematic story campaign, new weapons and armor, a new Raid, new and remastered co-operative Strikes, a new social space, and more. The support for Destiny as a whole has been bar-none and it’s pretty sweet to see that there is still a massive amount of support for the game. Although I dropped Destiny a while back, these massive updates make me want to dive back in…

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think.



Fans who have yet to play the incredible Overwatch game, this is your weekend! Blizzard is offering players a free weekend to test out their amazing team-based FPS Overwatch so download it now! The game is outstanding to say the least and offers so much depth for each one of their characters that should keep you busy for many HOURS. I am in LOVE with the title so be sure to download it and give it a go if you don’t already own the game.