Nintendo Uploads New Trailer For Upcoming NES Mini

Nintendo has uploaded a brand new trailer for the upcoming NES mini console so check it out above. Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System arrives in stores on the 11th of November. The unit will retail for $59.99. COUNT US IN Nintendo.

And in case you were wondering, here is the full rundown of games that will be appearing on the system:

Balloon Fight™
Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest™
Donkey Kong™
Donkey Kong Jr. ™
Dr. Mario™
Ice Climber™
Kid Icarus™
Kirby’s Adventure™
Mario Bros. ™
Punch-Out!! ™ Featuring Mr. Dream
Super Mario Bros.™
Super Mario Bros. ™ 2
Super Mario Bros. ™ 3
The Legend of Zelda™
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link™

Michel Ancel Posts Another Beyond Good and Evil 2 Teaser


Oh that Michel Ancel and his teases. Ancel has once again posted another teaser image of what appears to be Beyond Good And Evil 2 related. Although we have not seen or heard of the game lately, it appears as though Ubisoft has been teasing the title more and more lately and we couldn’t be more excited. Beyond Good And Evil 2 has been rumored to be headed to Nintendo’s next home console, codenamed NX, so as soon as we hear something, we will be reporting it.

Make it be Nintendo and Ubi….Make it be.

We expect NX news any day now so keep it here.

Paper Mario: Color Splash Commercial

Nintendo has officially shown off the commercial that will be gracing our television sets for promoting their upcoming Wii U title, Paper Mario: Color Splash. Players will be able to “solve the mystery” of Prism Island on October 7th. Early reports of the game have been mostly positive, so we can’t wait to get our hands on it and test it out ourselves. Paper Mario: Color Splash has been praised for its humor and the game looks pretty spectacular if you ask us.

Check out the new commercials (above and below) and let us know if you plan on picking up one of the few titles that will be ever released for the Wii U.



Famitsu has put together a list of their favorite game developers and you can check out the full rundown below. Nintendo seems to hold a place in the Japanese hearts as they took top honors on the list. 893 people (632 males, 261 females) voted from ages 10~49 who play console games.

Check out the full list below:

1) Nintendo – 455 (860)
2) Square Enix – 294 (413)
3) Capcom – 253 (373)
4) Konami – 179 (323)
5) Sega Games – 159 (203)
6) Pokemon – 158 (280)
7) Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia – 146 (142)
8) Bandai Namco Entertainment – 134 (161)
9) Koei Tecmo Games – 131 (137)
10) Level 5 – 130 (135)
11) Atlus – 109 (100)
12) Spike Chunsoft – 108 (76)
13) LINE – 76 (412)
14) From Software – 63 (34)
15) GungHo Online Entertainment – 54 (147)
16) Nippon Ichi Software – 46 (45)
17) Colopl – 44 (134)
18) Marvelous – 43 (53)
19) Electronic Arts – 42 (26)
19) GREE – 42 (120)
19) Microsoft Japan – 42 (67)

Source via GoNintendo

Michel Ancel Teasing Beyond Good And Evil 2….NX Bound?


Michel Ancel is teasing that we may be hearing something soon from the mysterious sequel to the beloved Beyond Good and Evil game. Beyond Good And Evil 2 was shown WAY back but has since vanished from Ubisofts current showing of games. I loved the fact the Ancel and company were going to revisit this much deserving series but we haven’t heard anything in a very long time… With Ubisoft praising the upcoming Nintendo console, codenamed NX, AND with Nintendo (hopefully) revealing the system soon, one would assume that the game would appear on the system in some sort of fashion. I have actually reported some rumors of Nintendo funding the project and I am sold that this game is headed to the system. It would be a major win for the big N if they can score a exclusive like this (Bayonetta 2 anyone) and would be a big part of the NX’s library.

What do you guys think? Am I reaching here or will Beyond Good And Evil 2 be on NX?

More as it develops.



Famitsu has once again released a list of their most wanted titles and, as expected, Final Fantasy XV sits on top. Pokemon and Dragon Quest round out the top 3 spots as well. Check out the full rundown below:

[PS4] Final Fantasy XV – 1,060 votes
[3DS] Pokemon Sun/Moon – 708 votes
[PS4] Dragon Quest XI – 682 votes
[3DS] Dragon Quest XI – 610 votes
[PS4] Final Fantasy VII Remake – 564 votes
[PS4] Yakuza 6 – 353 votes
[PS4] Kingdom Hearts III – 345 votes
[3DS] Monster Hunter Stories – 321 votes
[WIU] Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 278 votes
[PS4] Nioh – 233 votes
[PS4] Gran Turismo Sport – 219 votes
[PS4] Super Robot Wars V – 214 votes
[PS4] Resident Evil 7 – 196 votes
[PS4] The Last Guardian – 194 votes
[PSV] Reco Love: Blue Ocean and Gold Beach – 167 votes

I know I see a number of titles I want… Do you?


Pokemon GO Back on Top


Pokemon Go is now back on top in the U.S. top grossing charts on iOS. It looks as though the “fad” is back and I cannot wait to see what Pokemon GO will bring to us in the future. With the promise of trading, more gyms/Pokecenters, it looks like Pokemon GO will have a bright future ahead of it. I still log into my game from time to time but I think I may try and focus back up and level my character. With Niantic providing regular updates it seems to have kept users interested in the application and has once again captured players money and attention…

More as it develops.


The good people over at Nintendo Minute have put together another nifty little video that I am sure you all will enjoy. This week they wanted to test their friendship by seeing how well we know each other by asking five crucial Nintendo questions. It’s a cool little game that maybe we can all play….

Check it out and enjoy your Saturday everyone.

Japanese Hardware Sales


The latest Japanese hardware sales have hit so check out the list below. Sony’s PS4 CRUSHED it last week shifting over 96k in hardware unties. The 2 popular handhelds round out the top 3 spots. Check out the full rundown below:

PS4 – 96.433
3DS – 38.140
PS Vita – 12.931
Wii U – 2.703
PS3 – 1.099
Xbone – 156