All New Nintendo Direct Incoming


Nintendo has announced that they will be holding an all new Nintendo Direct, centered around all things Pokemon, on February 26th. The broadcast will air at 4pm CET/7 a.m. PT / 10 a.m. ET, Friday 26th so get ready for some Poke-news. We fully expect to hear a ton of news regarding the popular franchise as this year marks the 20th anniversary for the series.

I am hoping to hear more about Pokemon Go as well as Pokken Tournament… Who knows, maybe Pokemon Rainbow will be confirmed?

Fire Emblem Fates Best-Ever Launch For The Series


Nintendo has announced that the well received Fire Emblem Fates was the best-ever launch for the series. With more than 300,000 units sold between all versions of the Fire Emblem Fates game during its launch weekend, the Nintendo 3DS strategy RPG has earned a place in the record books as the fastest-selling game in the history for the franchise. To put this in perspective, the game sold more than five times as many units as 2013’s Fire Emblem Awakening.

Outstanding news for Nintendo. I will be eager to see how these games sell in the coming months.

Have you picked up Fire Emblem Fates?

Pokemon Rainbow Headed to 3DS


Our good friend MetalDave from Nintengen is reporting that there will be an all new Pokemon title headed to the Nintendo 3DS in celebration of the franchises 20th anniversary. The title is rumored to be called Pokemon Rainbow and will make its appearance on the Nintendo handheld. Our good friend also had a slew of new information regarding the plans for the Nintendo 3DS so check them out below:

3DS release list 2016:

Spring-Early Summer
Mario and Sonic Rio 2016
Nintendo Selects Wave 1
Hyrule Warriors Legends
Disney Art Academy
Bravely Second
Code Name: “Caviar F” (casual friendly smaller budget game)
Metroid Prime: Federation Force


Code name: “Torte City” big budget unannounced game for all gamers core/all ages
Dragon Quest VII
Code name: “Cadillac” (casual friendly smaller budget game late summer)


3DS Hardware Price Cut
Code name: “N-Stars” big budget game for all ages
Nintendo Selects Wave 2
Code name: “DMW2” possibly Disney Magical World 2
Dragon Quest VIII
Pokémon 20th Anniversary game “Niji” Japanese translation: “Rainbow”

Seems like the the Nintendo 3DS is going to have a great 2016. What do you guys think?

Nintendo Uploads New Image For Fire Emblem Fates


Nintendo has uploaded an amazing new image that should help gamers pick their side for the 3DS exclusive, Fire Emblem Fates. The game, which is headed to the 3DS system, is already receiving RAVE reviews from numerous media outlets and it appears as though the handheld system has another stellar title on their hands.

Check out the image above and let us know where you land!


Here is another incredible video for the 3DS exclusive, Fire Emblem Fates. I’m speechless and I REALLY want to get my hands on this one (sadly, I traded in my 3DS a while back) one day….

Check out this new “life on the font lines” video for the title and let us know if you plan on picking up the game.

New Nintendo Selects Games Announced For Nintendo Systems


Nintendo has announced that they will be releasing an all new lineup of Nintendo Select titles for Wii U, Wii and 3DS. The image above provides the insight as to what games are headed to each Nintendo platform and will now retail for $29.99. The new Nintendo Select titles will sport red-boredered boxart and will be out next month.

Does anything catch your fancy?

Nintendo Minute Unboxes Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition

The good folks over at Nintendo Minute have gotten their hands on the special edition for Fire Emblem Fates and have unboxed it in the video above. I REALLY would like to get my hands on this special edition but I no longer have a 3DS and I heard that this will be very hard to find. Check out the unboxing video for Fire Emblem Fates special edition and let us know if you plan on getting the title.



If you plan on digitally downloading the upcoming 3DS title Fire Emblem Fates, you can now preload the title from the Nintendo eShop. If you plan on getting both Birthright and Conquest, you have to go about it a specific way to get the discounted price for the titles. Players have to either play Birthright/Conquest up to Chapter Six, or grab a download code and redeem it at the Dragon’s Gate for the discount.

Fire Emblem Fates looks outstanding and if I still owned my 3DS, this would be an instant buy.