Nintendo’s Stock Rises After Nintendo Labo Announcement

Following the announcement of Nintendo Labo, the Tokyo Stock Exchange has recorded a considerable jump in NTDOY (Nintendo’s ticket symbol). On January 19th, a few days after the cardboard peripheral was revealed and put up for pre-order, the company’s stock had reflected a nearly 4% increase in conjunction with the previous report that the Nasdaq was reporting that NTDOY was a strong buy. Investors seem to be taking a liking to the newly announced device? so it will be interesting to see how the gaming world takes to Nintendo Labo in April. I have mine pre-orderd but I have a rather large family so I think we will all enjoy it.

Source via MYNN

Here is Your First Look at Nintendo Labo

Here you have it my friends, Nintendo Labo. The newly announced create and play accessory? was announced today by Nintendo and looks interesting to say the least. The nearly 3 minute video showcases this new idea very well, so just get to watching the video. Here is the official description from Nintendo:

Get ready to Make, Play and Discover with Nintendo Labo! Nintendo Labo is a new line of interactive build-and-play experiences that combine DIY creations with the magic of Nintendo Switch. Available on April 20, 2018!

I am sold on the idea behind it but please keep in mind, I am a father of 6!! I think the kids (As well as me) will LOVE this kind of thing and I applaud Nintendo for thinking “out of the box” (see what I did there)..

What do you guys think?