Nintendo Switch; How Will Nintendo Keep up With Demand?!

In case you missed my latest and greatest Nintendo Switch video, check it out above! With the NES classic selling out and the release of the Nintendo Switch approaching in March, we explore how Nintendo plans to keep up with the demand for their new system. The Nintendo Switch looks like it’s going to have an exceptional release window and we think the big N has a trick or two up their sleeves still for the console so it will be interesting to see how things turn out next year.

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Will The Nintendo Switch Cost $249?


The Nintendo Switch’s price might have just been leaked way by the Canadian website for Toys “R” Us. The popular toy retailer listed the Nintendo Switch to “weigh in” around $329.99 Canadian dollars, which roughly equates to $245 – a price that could be rounded to $249 and possibly €249 for Europe. While there is no confirmation on this (we actually think there could be multiple Sku’s due to bundles), this price point certainly does have a nice ring to it. At $249, the Nintendo Switch may be hard to deny when it’s released in March.

More as it develops so stay tuned for more Nintendo Switch news.


Ready to sink another couple of hours (hundreds) into Animal Crossing everyone? Animal Crossing: New Leaf update is now available and it features Nintendo’s highly collectible figures, Amiibo! Watch this video to learn about all the new features added to the game, including amiibo functionalities and fun new games you can play with amiibo!


Here is another tear down video but this time it features the sold out console, NES Classic. Check out this interesting video and let us know if you got a chance to find one of these bad boys out in the wild (I guess they are IMPOSSIBLE to find).

In case you missed the PS4 Pro teardown video, click here to give it a watch. Enjoy.

Japanese Hardware Sales


The latest Japanese hardware sales from MEDIA CREATE are in and Sony’s PS4 lead the way. Check out the full breakdown below:

PS4 – 32.041
3DS – 31.182
PS Vita – 9.816
Wii U – 2.071
PS3 – 735
Xbone – 181

I have said it before and I will say it again; I kind of feel bad for XBOX One… I wonder if Microsoft will ever get a foot hold over seas.



The good people at GameXplain were nice enough to put together a video showcasing the difference between the NES Classic VS the Original NES so check it out above. It’s a nice comparison and has us ready to try and find a NES Classic this Friday when it’s released.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

How Super Mario Run Could Help With The Launch of The Nintendo Switch

In case you missed my newest YouTube video, check it out above! New rumors are suggesting that the all new Mario game for Nintendo Switch will indeed be a launch title for the system when it releases in March. In this video I discuss how Super Mario Run (the iOS Mario game) could help Nintendo and their launch with the Switch by getting the general public excited for Mario again this December. Check out the video and let me know what you think. If you’re feeling awesome, be sure to subscribe to the channel.

New Nintendo 3DS Only $99 on Black Friday 2016



On Black Friday, Nintendo has announced that it will be selling 2 all new, “New” 3DS’ for only $99. The regular sized New Nintendo 3DS will retail for just $99 and will come with limited edition faceplates. This seems like an amazing deal and one way Nintendo will take the holiday season. Check out the images above and let us know if you plan on taking the plunge.


The good people over at IGN have unboxed a NES Classic Edition console and were nice enough to put together a video. Check it out above and be sure to let us know if you plan on picking this up (if you can find it in stores). Watch as they compare Nintendo’s tiny console (and it’s controllers) to the original system and other Wii accessories.


Here is the official TV spot for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon games for the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo announced recently that these two games are pulling in INSANE preorder numbers so we fully expect BIG things from the popular franchise this Holiday season. Check out the commercial and let us know what you think.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be available on November 18th!