Nintendo Wii 2: Massive Amount Of Wii 2 (Project Cafe) Information Supposedly Leaked

A massive amount of details regarding Wii 2 (Project Cafe) has supposedly been leaked and you can find all the information below. Take the following rumors with a grain of salt but in 2 days, we will know for sure. Check them out and let me know what you think:

The System:

Uses a custom IBM triple-core CPU running at 3.6GHz per core
The development kit contains 1gb RAM, but Nintendo have hinted that the console will actually have 1.5gb
Nintendo will be releasing games that will run 1080p natively. Sources say that with Nintendo’s art style and the power the system has, the games look ‘stunning’.
The system does run on AMD R700 card, but the architecture is slightly different and the clock speeds are much higher.
The System resembles JPN/EU SNES machines in color only and not in shape
The development kit is about the size of a 360, not the console
Close sources say it’s as if Nintendo is in “damage control” with 3rd party developers.
Nintendo is trying really hard to get 3rd parties on board to develop games and have offered incentives such as not releasing big-title Nintendo games in holiday seasons to compete against 3rd party titles.
Nintendo went to many 3rd party developers on guidance on what they were after with the new console in terms of system specs, controller and online system.

The Controller:

Nintendo have been keeping this really quiet and have only given developers controller prototypes to start designing games. However, the final controller build with all the features have only been given to Nintendo 1st and 2nd party developers for now.
Nintendo had planned on inserting a screen on the controller back when the Gamecube was in development, but opted out due to technology not being advanced enough to be functional
The controller that’s been given to developers has a large 5.7inch hd (960x640pixel) screen, 2 analogue sticks, 4 face buttons, 3 middle buttons (select/home/start in that order), 2 shoulder buttons and 2 triggers.
The triggers aren’t as deep as the 360’s triggers, but have plenty of push
The big thing about the screen is that it’s a multi-touch screen, contains it’s own battery and is detachable from the controller unit
The screen when detached contains its own memory so developers can store data on it, so gamers can play whatever the developer designs for the screen-only use
When the screen is attached to the controller it works by streaming content directly from the console
Nintendo are giving developers ideas other than just having it function as a quick menu screen for games while attached, or as a simple tamagochi-like mini-game when detached
The controller contains a gyroscope, but motion controls isn’t the focus of the controller like it was for the Wii


Nintendo will release a Mario platformer as a launch title which hasn’t been done since the N64.
The Mario platformer looks to be the spiritual successor to Mario 64.
Gamefreak and EAD are hard at work developing a Pokemon online RPG.
The Pokemon RPG is not an MMO, but does have a large online emphasis and will be Nintendo’s flagship title when showing off the online capabilities of the console.
There will be at least one new IP Nintendo will reveal at E3.
Nintendo is working on a new Zelda, but didn’t reveal anything to developers.

Some developers have had the Wii 2 dev kit for going on 2 years now. When the Wii 2 is released in late, that’s 3 years to develop games on
Because of such generous development time, Nintendo have pushed 3rd parties to develop high quality games to be released at or near launch.
Nintendo have sourced an external company to develop their online network, which the developer has commented, surpasses both the PS3 and 360 in terms of speed and functionality.
Nintendo is pushing for the console to be online 24/7 and have seamless online integration with many of their games
Friend codes are confirmed to be gone
Nintendo has been toying with the idea of a game where the main character is your Mii
Nintendo will be pushing their Pokemon RPG to showcase their online network
Rockstar are supposedly hard at work in bringing on of their “most popular” titles to the console.

If even half of these are true, color me impressed. The controller details intrigue me (especially with a detachable touch screen) and the games…. Don’t even get me started. This Tuesday, we will know as Nintendo will take center stage at the Nokia theater. Stay tuned.


E3 2011: Super Mario Galaxy 3 on the way?

We’ve also heard another little whisper from our Ninty sources – that Super Mario 3DS won’t be the only new Mario title to be shown off in Los Angeles. Could we be looking at a Super Mario Galaxy for the next, next generation?

If we get another Super Mario Galaxy-type title in full HD for Cafe, I will be one happy gamer. I will keep my ear to the ground and let you guys know if I hear anything else…

Stay tuned and keep your browser locked here.


Wii 2 (Project Cafe): New Rumors

Here is a list of new rumors regarding Wii 2 (Project Cafe) “confirming” details on the controller. Check it out:

– Includes a touch screen
– allows for tablet-like controls for games
– tap the touch screen to control the characters on your television
– can also be used as a portable game machine
– six inch screen
– built in rechargeable battery
– includes a camera
– camera can be used for a variety of play opportunities, for example, a player making an avatar of himself for use in a game
– due out in the later half of 2012

Nintendo will hold their annual E3 press conference this Tuesday. Stay tuned for more details.


Pachter’s predictions for Nintendo’s E3 – Project Cafe launch and more

The following predictions come from Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter

– Hardware and a bunch of titles at E3
– Many games since Nintendo hasn’t shown much this year
– Date for Kid Icarus: Uprising
– Last showing for Zelda: Skyward Sword
– Nintendo will probably say that they’ll have a Mario title at Project Cafe launch
– Pachter believes the Vitality Sensor is dead
– Pachter echoes IGN’s report of Foxconn beginning production in October
– believes Nintendo could produce one million consoles per month
– Japanese launch for Project Cafe in April
– Nintendo could stockpile systems and launch simultaneously in September

The only one I don’t agree with is that the “Vitality Sensor is dead”. I think that it is still headed to Wii and will give the system life support until Wii 2 (Project Cafe) is released.

Nintendo Wii 2: Leaked Specifications List For Wii 2 (Project Cafe)

Take this rumor or leave it, but apparently “leaked specifications” of Nintendo’s forthcoming console, Wii 2 (Project Cafe) have hit the internet today and but I will let you all be the judge as to if it is real or not. Check it out below and let me know what you think…. I do like the “Custom Blu-ray” part…

Check it out:


Wii 2 (Project Cafe) to have HD Virtual Console?

The following information should be considered as a rumor. Proceed with cation…. The following news is about Wii 2 (Project Cafe’s) Virtual Console. Let me know what you think:

* A “select group” Virtual Console games will be made available in HD (High Definition) for Project Cafe.

*Not all VC games will be made available in high definition. This is due to the money, time, and effort that would be required to convert each game to high definition. Also, not all classic games convert to high definition perfectly. Each game must be individually re-done to take advantage of widescreen HD resolutions and aspect ratios. They will be re-done similarly to how classic games are being redone to take advantage of 3DS’s 3D capabilities.

*Some SNES/Genesis games won’t ever get a high definition widescreen treatment because they turn into a blurry or pixilated mess when converted to widescreen high definition. This is because they weren’t originally designed with widescreen high definition television’s in mind.

*Virtual console games are transferable to Project Café. But if you want the high definition (HD) version of a Wii 1 virtual console game instead of the standard version you own now, you will have to pay full price for the high definition version.

* Nintendo has found a sneaky way to get you to rebuy games that you already bought on virtual console.

*You will NOT receive a free upgrade from standard definition virtual console game that you bought on Wii 1 to a HD version of the same game. If you want HD version, you have to rebuy the game.

*Sega is getting ready to port some of their “Xbox Live Arcade” Genesis HD games (like Sonic) on Project Cafe’s virtual console service.

Source via Nintengen

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Nintendo Wii 2 news: Camera built in the controller?

Sources close to Develop have disclosed that the control pad for the Nintendo Wii 2 (project Cafe) will include a front-facing camera.

The source also goes on to state that Nintendo isn’t showing off the technology to all its development partners in order to prevent unexpected leaks before Nintendo’s E3 2011 press conference. The source also confirmed that the controller has a six inch touch screen, “possibly with a stylus”, as well as a standard button layout.

Look for more rumors for Nintendo’s 6th console as well as a full reveal of the system heading up until June. More as it develops.