Coming from an EDGE interview with Nintendo producer Takashi Tezuka and executive producer Etsunobu Ebisu from Good-Feel, these 2 developers discuss the art direction for the Wii U exclusive, Yoshi’s Woolly World. Check out the quotes below:

We’ve always felt that Yoshi deserves to have a handcrafted feel to the graphics, and we’ve strived to bring this into games like Yoshi’s Island and Yoshi’s Story. With those previous titles, it was just that – an aesthetic – and didn’t really have much influence on the gameplay itself. – Tezuka

We decided to use wool in Yoshi’s Woolly World since we felt we’d be able to provide some interesting mechanics and gameplay that we weren’t able to do in previous games. But it was also the toughest challenge we’ve faced! – Ebisu

I love the art direction for Yoshi’s Woolly World and cannot wait to play it later this year. I am praying that Nintendo decides to release this soon in the US as it is releasing in the UK next month. The vibrant colors and the textures really stand out and I can almost feel the characters popping off the screen.


Get an exclusive look at the space-based gameplay of Disney Infinity 3.0 from the good guys at GameInformer. From what I have seen thus far, Disney Infinity 3.0 is looking mighty nice. Be sure to carve out 90 seconds and watch this clip as it is pretty impressive…

The on foot missions remind me of Super Mario Galaxy don’t you guys think? Disney Infinity 3.0 releases on September 23rd.


The good people at Nintendo Minute hit the road this week to attend the “ink-credible” Splatoon Mess Fest in Santa Monica, LA. Check out their VLOG and let me know if you plan on picking this one up.

Also- keep in mind that there is a 2nd chance at trying the game next week! Download the demo from the eShop and get on your Wii U May 23rd.


Nintendo Announces Its E3 2015 Plans

Nintendo’s expanded lineup at this year’s E3 includes the glorious return of the Nintendo World Championships after a 25-year absence, a new Nintendo Digital Event on June 16 at 9 a.m. PT, the always in-depth Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3 from the show floor and a chance to play Mario Maker at more than 120 Best Buy locations. The big N showcased the video above announcing their plans for this year’s E3. Nintendo decided to go the route that they did last year and forego a traditional press conference. Although we are a little disappointed regarding the news (those Nintendo press conferences always had something special), we were very happy with last year’s digital event and it will be fun to see what they have for us this year.

E3 2015 takes place next month and we will be covering the entire event. Stay tuned.


In case you missed Splatoon’s global testfire, the good people at the Nintendo Treehouse were nice enough to record some footage. While the game was only playable for 3 hours in total, we here at myvideogamenews walked away impressed. The game ran smooth and was overall pretty fun. I found it a very interesting take on a shooter and the game easily nabbed my attention. I also want to point out that Splatoon shot up the charts over at Amazon so people seemed to really like the game.

Check out the footage and let us know what you think. Enjoy.

Splatoon releases later this month.

New Character For Yooka-Laylee Revealed


A new character for the Kickstarter smash hit, Yooka-Laylee has been revealed and you can see him above. The character is names Trowzer and is a snake businessman. Check out this quote coming from Playtonic Games:

Trowzer is a business-snake whose career never took off. Not that he knows it – the smug, serpent salesman thinks he’s the bee’s knees (not that he has knees), and for a little dosh he’ll teach you some of the slick moves he picked up on the high-stakes sales floor.

The game currently has smashed ALL of their stretch goals on Kickstarter and we are interested to see how far this one goes when the dust settles. Yooka-Laylee is headed to Wii U, PS4 and XBOX One sometime next year.

We love the design of Trowzer Playtonic.