If you have yet to play Overwatch, now is the time! Blizzard is offering a free weekend to players who want to check out the game so be sure to give last year’s GOTY a spin this weekend. Overwatch has become not only my favorite game of this generation, but one of my favorite games of all time. Check out what all the fuss is about.

Overwatch Anniversary YEAR ONE Thank You, Heroes Video

If you’re even remotely into Overwatch, watch this video above. It’s amazing to see how this game has grown over the year and this video is something special. Overwatch was my GOTY for 2016 and I continue to play it regularly today.

Check out the Overwatch Anniversary Year One video and enjoy.


Destiny 2 has finally been officially revealed my friends, so watch it above! From the makers of the acclaimed hit game Destiny, comes the much-anticipated action shooter sequel, Destiny 2. Experience an all new cinematic story campaign, innovative cooperative gameplay, and intense competitive multiplayer as you journey across unexplored worlds to discover an arsenal of weapons and devastating new combat abilities.

Will Sony Announce New Hardware at E3 2017?! Switch Like Device Incoming?

With E3 2017 right around the corner I revisit a patent that Sony made back in February showcasing a Nintendo switch like device. I think they might announce new hardware at this years E3 show!! Do you?

Give the video a watch and be sure subscribe to the YouTube channel.



Here is the first teaser trailer for the all new Madden! Available August 25th. Five-time Super Bowl champion, New England Patriots quarterback, and the G.O.A.T., Tom Brady is on the cover of Madden NFL 18!

Madden NFL 18 takes a significant visual leap with the power of the Frostbite engine. Play each matchup to your specifications by selecting from three new Play Styles or play the best real world matchups each week in Play Now Live! With the introduction of even more ways to play, coupled with your favorite modes, Madden Ultimate Team and Franchise, this is Madden like you’ve never seen before.


Calling all Street Fighter V fans; Ed has officially been revealed as a DLC. Although we don’t have a release date just yet, he will be playable in the CFN 2 beta this week. We fully expect the hero to become available sooner rather than later.

Check out the official reveal trailer for Ed in Street Fighter V and let us know if you plan on downloading him.

Sony E3 Conference Confirmed For Usual Time

It has been “officially” revealed that Sony’s E3 2017 press conference will take place on Monday, June 12th at 6PM (9PM EST). Although Sony has been showing off their E3 press event for the past couple of years at the same time, it’s nice to hear an official announcement. This will give me more than enough time to get home, grab something to eat, put the kids to bed and watch away. We fully expect the new God of War to make a HUGE appearance along with The Last of Us 2 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Sony’s E3 conference is shaping up to be amazing again and we can’t wait until next month.

More on E3 2017 as it develops.

Wipeout Omega Collection – Exclusive Tigron Ship Reveal

WipEout Omega Collection brings together all the content from WipEout HD, WipEout HD Fury and WipEout 2048, enhanced for PS4 and PS4 Pro. Join the Anti Gravity League on June 6!

The team has been able to take advantage of the power and memory bandwidth of PS4 to rework all textures in the game. Compared to the original games, textures are now clear when viewed up close: you can even read some of the small text on the ships for the first time. As well as a host of improved graphical effects we have also added in HDR which massively improves contrast to what was seen before…

At least that’s what the description said. Check out the Wipeout Omega collection trailer and let us know if this one catches your eye. Enjoy.