Why is The Switch so Darn Popular?!?!

Hello again everyone! In my latest Youtube video, I tackle just why the Nintendo Switch is so darn popular. If you like the video, be sure to subscribe to the channel and drop me a like. Enjoy the video everyone.

*Our Super Mario Odyssey review will be coming this week as well as a brand new contest so make sure you keep it here!

Nintendo NX: Here is What I Think The NX Is!!

Just in case you missed my latest YouTube upload, here is what I think Nintendo NX truly is. The system SHOULD be revealed sometime this week but we aren’t holding our breath. The next investors meeting is on October 26th, so it seems likely that we will get some news on the system sometime this week.

Take a couple minutes to listen to what I think the NX is and be sure to comment! Thanks again and we will see you on the next video.

Nintendo NX News Imminent!?!? Reveal Incoming

Hello everyone what’s up? I wanted to talk more about the Nintendo NX and when the system will be revealed and I believe it will be SOON! I have been trying to stay away every single rumor that have been flooding the internet because it contradicts what my source has been telling me all the while… Either way, this video states that we are mere weeks away from some solid news for Nintendo’s next system so be sure to keep checking back for more NX News. If you’re feeling awesome, be sure to smash that like button and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Vacation Time!


Hello everyone! It’s that time again- time when the family and I are headed to Canada for a beach vacation getaway! The site will be SLOW with a capital “S” but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy MVGN. Click here and subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow me on Twitter. I plan on tweeting out some updates from Canada but the website will be quiet this week…

Hey Nintendo- if you’re reading this- DO NOT ANNOUNCE the NX this week, OK?! Thanks! Anyway, leave me a comment and let me know what you all are doing this summer. Enjoy and be sure to check back for the normal updates.

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Nintendo NX: Launch Lineup Prediction “Safe Bet List”

Hello everyone! Here is an all new video showcasing what games I think Nintendo will launch when it releases the NX later this year. It’s a pretty “safe bet” list so be sure to let me know what YOU think of the list and what games you would love to see the NX launch with.

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Nintendo NX: These Leaks Are The REAL DEAL!

There have been a number of leaks regarding Nintendo NX and we can now confirm that some of them are indeed true. As always we have been very careful reporting the leaks as we have already seen many of them to be fake (that weird controller mock up anyone?)… Anyway, give the video a watch and be sure to drop a comment below.

Take these rumors to the bank my friends! NX is coming.

Video Game Pick Ups 2015 Ep. 5

Here is a new video from my YouTube series “Video Game Pick Ups”. In this episode, I score a Mario Kart DS, some PS4 games and some sweet ornaments for our Christmas tree. Be sure to watch the video and leave it a thumbs up. If you like it, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Enjoy everyone.

First Gameplay Trailer For LawBreakers Released

The first gameplay trailer has been released for LawBreakers and it looks marvelous. LawBreakers is the latest game from Cliff Bleszinski and the team over at Boss Key Productions and is said to be a headed to the PC. No word on a PS4 or XBOX One version but we are keeping our fingers crossed. Being an avid fan of FPS titles, I am praying that this one heads to PS4.

Check out the gameplay trailer and let me know what you think.

Count me in.