All New Destiny Gameplay Trailer: Mars

Here is an all new Destiny gameplay trailer for you all to enjoy. What little we know of Mars may as well be a myth. We built a massive metropolis in the red dust. No one knows what remains of our lost age, now buried beneath the dunes.

Defeat our enemies. Explore the ancient ruins of our solar system. Become Legend.

Destiny has become the #1 preordered new IP of all time and will release on September 9th on PS4, PS4, XBOX One, XBOX 360 and PC. Enjoy.

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Hyrule Warriors Ghirahim Character Trailer

Here is an all new Hyrule Warriors – Ghirahim character trailer for our viewing pleasure. The game is quickly approaching and is shaping up to be one of the most interesting Wii U titles to date. With its wide array of playable Zelda characters, Hyrule Warriors looks mighty impressive.


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Toy Box Features Walkthrough Disney Infinity 2.0

Enter the new Disney Infinity Toy Box 2.0 Edition, where you can mix, match and mash up characters and worlds to create any adventure you can imagine! Not only is the Toy Box bigger, but we’ve listened to the community, improving on and adding new features. All Disney Infinity characters, both Marvel and Disney are playable in the Toy Box 2.0 Edition. Create and share Toy Boxes online. Connect your Toy Box creations with friends. Play without limits!

The new Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) Toy Box features include:

Toy Box Tools: Procedural generation of content can now be accessed and harnessed through three primary systems:
• Templates – Pre-built Toy Box Games from battle arenas to race tracks that players can customize using the items saved in their personal Toy Boxes.
• Creators – To...

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Will The Outstanding Indie Titles For PS4 Make You Want The System


Transistor, No Man’s Sky, Flower, Journey (one of my favorite games of last generation),the gorgeous Rime, The Witness, Hohokum, The Unfinished Swan, Resogun, and the list goes on and on. What do all these titles have in common? They are all indie titles headed to the PS4 (or have already released on the console) and all look incredible. While Sony’s new machine will have its fair share of AAA titles, the indie scene is thriving on the PS4 and may make some gamers purchase the system just for these amazing titles.

Will all these outstanding Indie titles make you want a PS4?


All of aforementioned titles are headed to PSN and promise gamers some imaginative experiences and fantastic gameplay. We can’t help but to  take notice every time one of these stand out indie titles is shown...

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NHL 15 Official Gameplay Trailer

EA has released the official NHL 15 trailer from Gamescom 2014 and you can check it out above. All footage captured from actual gameplay using cinematic camera angles.

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22 Glorious Minutes of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Here is an all new 22-minute video showcasing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This off screen footage was taken during Gamescom 2014. No release date has been given for the title but as soon as we hear of one, you all will be the first to know.

Enjoy and let us know what you think of the gorgeous game.

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Preordering Sonic Boom Gets You A Free Figure


Great news for Sonic fans; if you plan on preorder the upcoming Sonic Boom title for the Wii U at Gamestop, you will be eligible to get a free Sonic figurine. Both versions of the game are eligible for this offer (Nintendo 3DS and Wii U). The figure comes at no extra cost, so if you’re thinking of getting the game, you may want to pre-order at GameStop.

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All New Rime Trailer For PS4

Here is a beautiful, all new RimE trailer for PS4. The game tells the story of a boy who must use his wits and ingenuity to survive – and ultimately escape from – a mysterious island and a terrible curse. This new trailer was shown during Sony’s Gamescom 2014 press conference.

Rime is a title that has not only excited us here at MVGN, but has garnered a lot of attention among the gaming community.

Enjoy the new trailer everyone.

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The Order: 1886 Official Gamescom 2014 Gameplay Trailer

Here is a gorgeous trailer for The Order 1886 from Gamescom 2014.
Nikola Tesla joins The Order in their war against the Half-Breeds. Wield powerful weapons of his design as you navigate the dangerous landscape of Neo-Victorian London. Use both stealth and brute force against human and non-human foes as your actions determine the course of history forever. Discover History’s Darkest Secret.

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Sony Gamescom Press Conference Live Stream

Here is a live stream for Sony’s Gamescom press conference. What will Sony show? Stay tuned and find out!

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