New 3DS Sales Update


The New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL have kicked off sales with healthy numbers during its first two days on sale. The Nintendo handhelds have sold approximately 335,000 units across the U.S and Europe, according to Nintendo’s financial results briefing published today. Roughly 175k of the New Nintendo 3DS XL were sold in the U.S, while Europe tallied around 160k in sales from both models.

Nintendo has to be pleased with these numbers and we are eager to hear more. Did you get a New 3DS system?

Vainglory Gameplay Video Ardan Tips and Tricks

Here is another Vainglory gameplay video featuring the new hero Ardan. This awesome new character for iOS MOBA is a strong support character and a welcome addition to Vainglory. Thanks for watching and enjoy this video. Click here for my Vainglory playlist and check out my gameplay video’s.



Sony has dropped the trademark for “The Last Guardian”. The title which has been in development limbo for years on end has been a hot topic in the gaming community and we are interested to see what surfaces. The Last Guardian has been rumored to be back on track in recent years but this doesn’t look too promising.

We will keep you all updated.

No Demo For Mortal Kombat X

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 3.12.35 PM

The upcoming fighter, Mortal Kombat X, will not have a demo before the game is released. This news stems from a Twitter post by Ed Boon. The last two games from this developer had demos, so this is a bit of a surprise.

Mortal Kombat X is headed to current gen consoles this April and looks pretty incredible.

Is Rayman Coming to Super Smash Bros.


Could Rayman be headed to Super Smash Bros. in the near future? Check out the image above and the video below as some convincing footage and screenshots have surfaced that have everyone’s favorite limbless hero joining the battle in Smash. Although nothing has been confirmed, presumably the character would be apart of some sort of un-announced DLC for the popular game.

What do you guys think? Is Rayman coming to Super Smash Bros?



Here are the latest details for The Binding of Isaac DLC that will be released later this year:

– Releasing this year
-100+ new items
– a full new game mode that will totally change how you play
– 10 new challenges
– a new playable character
– a new alternate final chapter
– new alt floors
– new game endings
– new final bosses
– tons of new bosses and enemies
– new item pickups, cards, pills, etc.
– tons of new achievements and rewards for beating the game on hard
– new co-op babies
– new transformations
– and more…


Best Selling Video Games For January


Here are the best selling video games for the month of January. It looks as though Dying Light enjoyed a healthy month as well as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. GTA V also rounds out the top 3.

Here’s the best-selling video games in the United states during January:

Dying Light
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Grand Theft Auto V
NBA 2K15
Super Smash Bros.
Far Cry 4
Madden NFL 15

Extensive Avatar Customization In Xenoblade Chronicles X For Wii U Video

Here is an extensive look at the avatar customization for Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii U. It looks as though players will have a lot of different choices on their characters and we couldn’t be more excited for this game.

Check out the video and let us know what you think.