Japan – Top 10 Best Selling Wii/DS Games for 2008

In case you were wondering what the Top 10 Best Selling Wii/DS Games for 2008 in Japan were, yours truly has got you covered! Check it out below gamers, do you agree with the list? Wii Music outselling Mario Galaxy…. No comment….

Nintendo Wii

1. Wii Fit – 2,166,602
2. Mario Kart Wii – 2,065,949
3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl – 1,789,596
4. Animal Crossing: City Folk – 875,726
5. Wii Sports – 843,569
6. Wii Play – 561,189
7. Wii Music – 299,135
8. Mario Party 8 – 269,869
9. Deca Sports – 255,459
10. Super Mario Galaxy – 246,627

Nintendo DS

1. Pokemon Platinum – 2,230,765
2. Rhythm Heaven – 1,445,441
3. Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride – 1,237,125
4. Kirby Super Star Ultra – 920,017
5. Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia – 645,778
6. Professor Layton and The Last Time Travel – 610,161
7. Mario Party DS – 567,737
8. Wagamama Fashion: Girls’ Mode – 546,778
9. Mario Kart DS – 521,489
10. DS Bimoji Training – 511,629

New FFCC: The Crystal Bearers details

A gaggle of new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers details are available thanks to the latest Famitsu and some good reporting from the boys over at NintendoEverything. Here are the highlights:

– Takes place in Crystal Chronicles world in the future
– Knowledge of magic nonexistent now
– Yukes race died during war with Lilthies
– Lilthies use crystals to support citizens
– Main character is Layle (Crystal Bearer of Clavat race)
– Can manipulate gravity
– Layle’s story starts after coming into contact with Amidatelion, a Yuke
– Amidatelion causes trouble for Layle, wants to seek him out
– Part of Layle’s cheek crystalized (Crystal Bearers have part of body turned into crystal)
– Althea – Queen of Lilthies Kingdom, mother dead, father sick
– Jegran – In charge of Lilthies army
– Take on role of Layle, use his gravitational abilities with Wii remote
– Wii remote for pointing at objects – grab demons, use them
– Layle’s actions change depending on creature he grabs
– Layle will pull himself up with grappling hook when grabbing onto something heavy (ex: ceiling lamp)
– Development on the game hadn’t begun when the game was first announced, hence why it’s taken so long
– No leveling up
– Build characters by equipping accessories
– Encounter creatures with variety of actions
– People react differently to use as you advance in the game
– No separation between battle/other elements in the game
– Developers striving to make the game fun to watch
– 60% complete
– No release date

Raving Rabbids Go Home Official Press Release

Below is a riveting Official Press Release for Raving Rabbids Go Home. I, for one, am very pleased that UbiSoft is continuing this whimsical franchise and will be purchasing this title on release (I missed out on the last one). Enjoy:

Raving Rabbids Break Out with First Standalone Title

LONDON, UK – April 14, 2009 – Today Ubisoft announced that the Rabbids will receive their own standalone brand with the release for Holiday 2009 of the comedy-adventure Rabbids Go Home. Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, the team behind Beyond Good & Evil®, Peter Jackson’s King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie and the original Rayman Raving Rabbids®, the game will benefit from a new engine designed specifically for the Wii™ home video game system from Nintendo, offering the Rabbids a hilarious adventure in a brand new universe.

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WiiMotion Plus June 8th, Wii Sports Resort July 26th

Quick Update: WiiMotion plus and Wii Sports Resort, the sequel to the insanely popular Wii Sports title, finally have release dates. June 8th is the release for WiiMotion Plus and will retail for $20 while Wii Sports Resort comes out on July 26th and will come packaged with the peripheral for $50.

Good stuff indeed. Look out for EA’s upcoming titles as some of them, Tiger Woods and Madden, will support the peripheral.

Wrists aren’t ready.

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Japan – Top Selling Games So Far This Year

Here are the top selling titles in Japan for this year. Man I can’t wait until Mario & Luigi 3 releases…

1. 467,891 DS – Mario & Luigi RPG 3
2. 459,876 PS3 – Yakuza 3
3. 428,545 PS3 – Resident Evil 5
4. 356,305 PSP – Monster Hunter Portable 2 G (BEST)
5. 355,784 PSP – Shin Sangoku Musou: Multi Raid
6. 301,609 Wii – Wii Fit
7. 300,753 DS – Rhythm Heaven

8. 296,037 PSP – Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2
9. 243,240 DS – Wagamama Fashion: Girls Mode
10. 220,550 Wii – Taiko no Tatsujin Wii