Reserve Watch

Quick Update: The following titles are the newest games that you can reserve at your local neighborhood GameStop. Has anyone heard of ANNO 1701?

Newest Reservable games for Wii:
Lego Indiana Jones
Anno 1701
NCAA Football ’09

Discuss in comments section:
Do you reserve your title ahead of time?

The Great Nintendo Release List for ’08

Hey gamers, wanna see what games you will be playing this year on your Nintendo consoles? Be sure to check out the HUGE list below and get those wallets ready; it’s going to be a great year! Note that Wii Fit is coming in Q2 as well as the Wi-Fi enabled Mario Kart Wii.

Click here for the list!

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Image of the Day: Pikmin Stage of Smash

Above is today’s image of the day. Take a gander at its beauty gamers and tell me how sweet it would be if Pikmin 3 looked like that. I know it would be similar in style to previous incarnations but the above screenshot is a thing of beauty.

The sheer sense of size makes you feel like your 4 inches tall and is rather impressive in my eyes to say the least. I am really hoping that Nintendo announces something soon in the way of a new Pikmin title because I can’t stand it anymore.

I do see the big N announcing something soon regarding the franchise so let’s keep those wiimotes crossed. Will this be a sign of things to come? Only time will tell gamers. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions!

It’s Official: Brawl is Delayed….Game On Cries Himself to Sleep

The company’s complete statement is as follows:

“The launch date for Super Smash Bros. Brawl has shifted a few weeks to March 9. The development is taking slightly longer than expected. As we’re sure you have seen on the Dojo site (, the game contains an unprecedented number of characters, options and experiences. Be sure to keep an eye on the Dojo site for the latest information.”

…..sniffle sniffle. I guess I can wait 1 more month for the inevitable release of Nintendo Wii’s biggest title but please Nintendo, don’t push it back again. They say patience is a virtue but when it comes to a Super Smash Bros. title, my patience runs thin.

Let’s just hope 1 month doesn’t turn into 3 more. What do you guys think?

Factor 5 Eyeing Wii!

Huge props to Gridmasta for the following story:

The maker of the hit GameCube series Rogue Squadron is back. In a phone conversation with IGN Wii this morning, company president Julian Eggebrecht confirmed that the studio is underway with at least one all-new Wii project — and it’s not a Virtual Console game. Beyond that confirmation, Eggebrecht was mum, but he did note that the new title would not simply re-use old Rogue Squadron tech; whatever it is, significantly updated or even completely new tech has been developed to help accommodate it.

More great news for Nintendo Wii. What would you guys like to see debut on the system?