Everyone’s Nintendo Channel U.S. Bound Soon

Rumor has it that Everyone’s Nintendo Channel, that channel that will be packed with Nintendo-flavored infomercials, some insider interviews, video and DS downloads, will be hitting the U.S. in the next month or so.

A source tells us that the channel will also be home to some of the same sort of video game centric videos found on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network. Specifically, convention videos might start popping up on the channel once it goes live in the states. It’s unclear if Nintendo will follow the same path as Microsoft, and now Sony, and start producing their own material from show floors or just rely on pre-packed stuff from the hosts themselves.

Get Your Spend On: New Releases This Week for Nintendo Products (Feb. 16)

Below is the list of what titles you can expect to see on store shelves this week for all of your Nintendo needs.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village
Dungeon Explorer: Warrior of the Ancient Arts

Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Mermaids
Go, Diego, Go!: Safari Rescue
London Taxi Rush Hour

I cannot wait until the fantastical Professor Layton is released. I think this title could be a HUGE franchise in the making (it’s already huge in Japan) and needs every gamers attention. What are you guys getting?

Game On TV Episode 26

Alright all your gamers out there another week has passed and once again it is Saturday night.  We all know what that means your two favorite hosts…the clean and proper Gameon and the beer drinking Kmaxx is coming at you with another episode of Gameon TV.  What is going to be discussed.  If you have any questions for your two favorite hosts head over to the forums page and posts your questions.

New Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Young King and the Promised Land Media

Long title, looks to be a great game! I really hope Nintendo/Square nail down a solid release date for this game because every time I see something new on it, I am officially sold. Look for this WiiWare title to hit probably sometime around the busy holiday season. We will keep you updated!Source

Drawn to Life Confirmed for Nintendo Wii!

Quick Update: Artists unite; the innovative Drawn to Life is coming to a Nintendo Wii near you. THQ and 5th Cell have announced that DS platformer Drawn to Life will now be heading to the Nintendo Wii.

Gamers will be able to draw their own character, weapons and environment objects much like they did in the DS version!

More as it develops.


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Top 20 VC downloads – Jan. 30th to Feb. 6th

David Letterman has his top 10, we have the VC top 20! The following is a list of titles that were popular amongst the kids for VC downloads last week. Here it is:

1 (1) Super Mario Bros 3
2 (5) Super Street Fighter 2
3 (2) Mario Kart 64
4 (4) Super Mario Bros
5 (3) 1080 Snowboarding
6 (6) Super Mario World
7 (7) The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time
8 (8) Super Mario 64
9 (9) Bomberman 93
10 (10) Super Mario Bros 2
11 (17) Sonic 3
12 (16) Pac-Man
13 (12) Sonic
14 (13) The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past
15 (14) Paper Mario
16 (15) The Legend of Zelda
17 (19) Bubble Bobble
18 (18) Pokemon Snap
19 (20) Donkey Kong Country 3
20 (E) Yoshi’s Story


Image of the Day…New IP for Wii

It’s been a while since I’ve done an “image of the day” so I hope you all enjoy the following image from the newly announced Band Mashup.

The game is being developed from the guys over at Planet Moon Studios and looks to take a page out of tremendously successful Guitar Hero franchise. Yes the title seems to be a music based game but it seems as though the title is making its own waves in the sea of the music genre.

The good guys over at IGN describe this unique title as “a game that has a unique feel due to its humorous take on the music industry, its different music styles for familiar songs…” Get ready gamers because this one is coming in Spring!

It’s Official, Tales is the RPG In Next Months Nintendo Power

Well gamers, we had a full month to speculate but now it’s official. The “super secret” RPG that will be in this months issue of Nintendo Power is indeed the much anticipated Tales of Symhonia. Although this title will be absolutely amazing, I was kind of hoping for this weeks rumor of Kingdom Hearts 3.

What do you think gamers, are you disappointed by this news since we already knew about the Tales title?

Awesome Find John!

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