Official Nintendo Magazine Review Scores

Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii) – 94%
LEGO Battles (DS) – 71%
Ashes Cricket (Wii) – 56%
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (DS) – 60%
Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits (Wii) – 81%
Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits (DS) – 80%
Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal (WiiWare) – 90%
Bonsai Barber (WiiWare) – 80%
Bit Boy (WiiWare) – 31%
Puzzle Bobble Plus! (WiiWare) – 75%
Gradius Rebirth (WiiWare) – 67%
NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits (WiiWare) – 85%
Let’s Catch (WiiWare) – 71%
Water Warfare (WiiWare) – 70%
Kirby’s Dreamland 3 (VC) – 54%
Bomberman ‘94 (VC) – 82%
Musha (VC) – 84%
Pulseman (VC) – 80%
Brain Training: Maths Edition (DSiWare) – 69%
Art Style: Boxlife (DSiWare) – 86%

A Furry Contest Could Get Your Name in the Game…


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10 Things that Wii 2 Needs

The following article was posted last year but is still relevant and I was wondering what you guys thought; So, in case you missed it, here is 10 things I would love to see for Wii HD.

5 years is the typical life expectancy of a home gaming console. I say “typical” because some consoles, not going to mention any names, have figured out a magical formula that enables their particular system to shatter any life expectancy that we have all come accustomed to. Below is a list of what I would love to see the Wii HD or Wii 2 or the Nintendo 6 or whatever Nintendo will call it in their next system (since we are almost half way there)…


Keep the Name “Wii”

Does anyone else remember where they were when you first heard that Nintendo was going to call their 5th console “Wii”. I was driving back to my house and I got a call from my buddy Ryan. He kept saying the word “Wii” and I had no idea what he was trying to tell me. When I found out that that was the name chosen by Nintendo for their 5th console, I nearly swerved into oncoming traffic and ended it right there (exaggerated I know…but it makes for a decent read)

Now 2 years later and about 35 million consoles sold (and counting), Nintendo knew what they were doing. The name “Wii” has become apart of everyone’s daily lives and millions around the world seem to know what the system is and has either a) played the system and want one or b) planning on purchasing a system this year for Christmas.

I think if Nintendo decided to keep the name Wii, it would be a very positive move; since they already have the brand name well established, why not roll with what brought you back to #1?

Backward Compatibility

I know that in this day-and-age, this one may be a “given” but given the PS3 situation, and the XBOX for that matter, I really hope that the next Nintendo home console would include backward compatibility. It gives consumers more bang for their buck and I believe should be an industry standard from now on.There are also a ton of great titles that are just begging to be played and it would help give games “longer legs” and hopefully sell more units making it more profitable for game companies. In this situation, everyone wins and we as gamers have a plethora of titles to choose from.

HD Graphics

The number of HDTV owners has grown by leaps and bounds and Nintendo needs to get on the bandwagon. With HD TV’S coming way down in price, the influx of late adaptors purchasing these impressive sets is growing at a staggering amount. Can you imagine playing your favorite Nintendo characters in beautiful, crisp 1080P?I know that the gaming world has seen its fair share of memorable, new characters, but can you imagine seeing Nintendo characters grace the HD era? It would be a beautiful thing, one that the gaming community has been dying to see and would help get Nintendo some street cred. from the techies reading this article.

Hard Drive Support

I am not saying a “storage solution” or support for bigger SD cards; I want a full blown hard drive for Nintendo’s next console and I know that I am not alone. WiiWare has really brought some great titles for Wii (Mega Man 9 and World of Goo anyone) and I simply don’t want to be bothered on deciding which of my downloadable gems should go on an SD card, I want a hard drive.

With the support of a dedicated hard drive, the loading times for many titles would be cut down significantly and would make for a happy gamer. A hard drive is what we Nintendoites have been craving and a hard drive is what we deserve.

1:1 Controls…For Nunchuck and Wiimote

With the announcement of 1:1 controls coming next year for Wii owners, gamers everywhere found themselves asking, why wasn’t this included in the first place? I think that this can be the future of gaming and needs to be implemented day 1 for both the nunchuck and the Wiimote.

The new innovative control scheme will provide a better likeness of people’s movements and if they implemented 1:1 controls for both parts of the controller, some very unique games could head our way (if developers out their minds to it). I believe that this could be the future of gaming and would further expand its ever growing audience.

A Real online system

Friend codes. Those 2 words send shivers down the spine of most hardcore players that own a Wii because we all know how cumbersome they can be. You have 1 code for your console, and millions of different 16 digit codes for each individual game.Friend codes wouldn’t be so bad, if we didn’t have them for every single game there was.

I say if you are going to stick with the whole friend code system, have 1 universal friend code that would work for all games and allow gamers to do what they love best, game. I think that if Nintendo implemented gamers own identities ie. Your gamertag for XBOX live, we all would be thankful and the WiiHD would be viewed as more of a console than a “glorified board game”.

Games that star “Mii”

How many countless hours have you spent creating Mii’s? It’s a question that I know I can’t answer but I know it’s a lot. Now, my limitless creations sit complacent, in my Wii systems memory begging to do something.The big N really needs to give the Mii’s a starring role in numerous titles and help breath new life into one of Wii’s best channels.

Can you imagine any of the following titles: Mii Racing, Mii RPG, Mii Fighting, MiiBigplanet (imagine that), Mii (insert favorite genre here).Imagine the possibilities… I will be expecting my check in the mail any day Nintendo…

A “Shakeup” in Major Franchises, New and Old

It’s coming. We all know its coming. Nintendo has even stated that it is coming. Most Nintendo franchises are in desperate need of a shakeup to help reinvigorate some of that old school flavor that legions of gamers loved.Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying totally forget what helped get you there, just change up some of your franchises in bold, new directions. How about a actual Pokemon MMORPG, or a Mature Kid Icarus title (rumored to be in the works) or how about a new ONLINE Wave Race with amazing graphics and insane physics? Imagine… I guess I just love my Nintendo based characters and would love to see them in a different light.

Slide Up Keyboard for WiiMote

I need a keyboard for my Wii. I would love to send more messages to everyone in my address book but it just got so cumbersome that I rarely use that overlooked feature anymore. Imagine if you will if the wiimote that we have all come to know and love actually slide or opened up (much like a text phone) to reveal a qwerty keyboard underneath its innovative sleeve. This small, but important feature would make communication a lot easier and give Nintendo another weapon in their already impressive arsenal.

Internet surfing would become a breeze and sending a message to your friends console would be a joy to work with. Again- I will be waiting for my check Nintendo.


New Nintendo Franchises

Question- When was the last time Nintendo came out with an original IP (that’s intellectual property for those keeping score)? I am not talking about titles like Wii Music or Wii Sports. What I am talking about is a brand new franchise that stars a totally new character or characters…If your answer was last generations excellent Pikmin series, I beleive you are correct.I think it’s about time that Nintendo gave us that next unforgetable new character and really give us a new entertaining star.

They made Zelda, Mario, Starfox, Pikmin, Metroid and many many more. Give us something new and fresh.

Thanks for reading gamers- did I leave anything out?! Let me know in the comments section and spread the word. Game On.

Unconfirmed Sales Numbers for Wii Sports Resort

We all knew that the sequel to Wii Sports would do fantastic but just how well did it do in it’s first day? Well, unconfirmed reports place the Wii motion sequel fourth on a very impressive release list from the Big N. Wii Sports Resort will no doubt have a VERY long shelf life and Nintendo will be gleaming once the dust finally settles.

Let’s all get ready for Wii Sports 3 shall we?

Gameonnitendo Discussion Piece…

We here at gameonnintendo are constantly looking for new ways to spur some heated debates in the video game realm so I am debuting a new series of posts entitled: Gameonnintendo Discussion Piece. Today’s topic:

Should video game reviews reflect the price of the title?

I hope I am making myself clear on the title of this article. I’ve actually been thinking about this subject for a little while so I thought I’d write a post about it due to the nature of this business (one site will rate a game so high and the next one will rate a title less than par)

In my amazingly awesome and superior opinion I think that the answer to my query should be a resounding yes.

If a title is released at what’s considered to be a bargain price and the title really doesn’t reinvent the wheel so to speak but does provide a solid experience, I think that that particular game should receive a higher score when it comes to reviews.

Don’t read me wrong here; if a game sucks it sucks there’s no way around it… I was just wondering what everyone else thinks…

What is your awesomely awesome opinion?