The Top 5 3rd Party Titles to Look Forward To For Wii

Because the news has been rather slow as of late, I have decided to compile a list of titles that we here at Gameonnintendo are looking forward to playing this year on our Nintendo Wii systems.

The Nintendo Wii has already produced some very memorable times in my life and I can’t wait to get my hands on some quality 3rd party titles that are headed our way.

So what titles do we look forward to playing? Click the link below and find out!

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Rock Band Wii’s Sexy White Drums


Rock Band for Wii might not have online play or downloadable songs, but it does have its very own white drum kit.

If you purchase the Wii version of Rock Band when it ships on June 22, you too can own this Wii-colored set of drums. Harmonix hasn’t said whether the guitar and microphone controllers will also be white, but I am betting they will. We have been promised more instrument pics at a later date.

Below, you will find the full-frame image of the drum set, as well as pictures of the Wii game’s DVD case and Special Edition box.

rock_band_wii_bundle rockband_drums_full rock_band_wii_case

WiiWare Off to A Good Start

Back when Nintendo announced the WiiWare channel, I was filled with joy that the Big N finally came up with something to rival XBOX’s own XBOX Live arcade. I couldn’t wait to see what developers could conjure up in regards to new IP’s at a very attractive price and am counting the days before I myself get to play these quality titles.

To say that I am excited about WiiWare would be a huge understatement and if IGN’s recent playtest of the downloadable service is anything to go by, we are in for an awesome treat.

Click here and check out detailed impressions that the popular website gave one of WiiWare’s premier titles, Square-Enix’s FFCC: My Life as King. Here is a quote from the article:

Given the space constraints Nintendo has imposed on WiiWare developers, we were a bit concerned that games for the service would be quick experiences that you play in between the real Wii games. That may not be the case, though, judging by our first couple of hours with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, which launched with the service in Japan today.

Good stuff indeed gamers. Game On