Nintendo Wii: First European Online Title Confirmed!

The first online title for Nintendo Wii has been announced in the form of Super Mario Strikers.

Mario Strikers: Charged Football will lead Nintendo Europes into the wonderful world of Online gaming on the Nintendo Wii.

The crazy soccer title which pits popular characters from the Mario universe against each other is currently scheduled for a European release on May 25th. Game On!

**If anyone is interested in Game ON’s Official Forums page, click here and sign up! We are planning some BIG things once the online enabled titles come out for Wii so be sure to sign up today.**

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Wii doubles PS3 sales in Japan

More good sales news for Nintendo and its innovative 5th console Wii. The Wii seems it’s outselling Sony’s PS3 2 to 1 in the land of the rising sun. Nintendo has managed to sell through 1.95 million Wii units, while Sony has sold 812,000 units of the PS3. Game ON Sony. More as it develops.


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Super Paper Mario Teaser Site Opened!


Quick Update: For all of those who are awaiting Mario’s grand return to the ever popular Nintendo Wii, wont have to wait much longer. The inevitable return of every one’s favorite plumber is upon us!

Be sure to check out theTeaser Site and enjoy.

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Manhunt 2 Wii New Information

Enjoy these tasty new tidbits of information regarding the upcoming bloodfest that will be Manhunt 2 for the Nintendo Wii.

Cuts & Bruises From looking at the screenshots it shows Daniel with a few cuts here and there in select shots, implying that a similar damage system from the first game remains intact.
Enemies – Foes have less scripted patrols with improved A.I, making them harder to kill.
Guns – Guns are only a major factor later in the game, much like the original. Although it does look as though members of The Project are prone to turning up whenever and are not specific to one location, much like the Cerberus in the original game.
H.U.D – Energy bar goes dark blue when hiding, the radar is located on the bottom left of the screen, it again monitors the noise you make.
Judy –...

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Coming Soon to a Nintendo System Near You

Below is list of what is coming out for your favorite Nintendo system gamers. Personally I am looking forward to Prince of Persia for the Wii. What are you guys planning on spending that hard earned money on?

Bionicle Heroes
Prince of Persia: Rival Swords


Cake Mania
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales
Honeycomb Beat
Konami Classics: Arcade Hits


Dogz 2

Be sure to check out the contest that’s going on right now!

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VC Mondays

Here is a list of what came out today for the VC portion of Wii. Enjoy.

Star Fox 64 (Nintendo 64, 1-4 players, 1,000 Wii Points): Players take the controls of their Arwing and complete 15 missions to reach the final objective: a showdown on Venom, the home planet of the interplanetary tyrant, Andross. Throughout the adventure, players have to accomplish challenging objectives in order to reach and conquer every mission. Skim over the surface of an alien sea, weave through the concrete canyons of a futuristic metropolis or dodge planetoids the size of mountains. Between missions, players will be treated to real-time 3-D movies that progress the story of the Star Fox team of space mercenaries in their struggle against the evil ape emperor, Andross.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES, 1 play...

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Say Hello To New Scarface Screens


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New One Piece Screens

This game only looks better and better every time I see new screens. Enjoy.


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GameOnNintendo Contest!

Hello gamers and welcome to the new and improved GameON site. We hope you enjoy your stay here and make sure you keep it locked. We have big plans for the site and we are happy you swung by.

We are kicking off our new site by having a little contest! What’s in it for you you ask? How about a FREE copy of a Nintendo DS game of choice and some other Nintendo goodies (Super Monkey Ball Wii T-shirt and some other cool little prizes).

All you have to do- Design us a new banner for the site! Scratch, paint, spit and whatever else you need to do, just make it cool. The dimensions of the new banner has to be 795 X 150 pixels. Please send your submissions to We look forward to seeing what you come up with. Game ON!

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Latest EGM Reviews

Want to see how the newest Nintendo Wii games fared with EGM this month? Look no further gamers, we have your back! Here is the scores:

Super Paper Mario (Wii, Nintendo): 8, 9, 9
Cooking Mama: Cook Off (Wii, Majesco): 7, 8, 7.5
Medal of Honor: Vanguard (Wii, EA): 4, 4, 6

I cannot wait until Super Paper Mario

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