Final Fantasy: Echoes of Time Date Confirmed

Quick Update: March 24th seems to be the date ladies and gentlemen for Square-Enix’s FFEOT title for Nintendo Wii. The game is exactly the same for Wii and DS and is rumored to come packaged with a new trailer of the “other” Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles title for Wii.

 Here’s hoping that this game will be decent. 

Wii: Today’s Rock Band II DLC

Below is what you can download for Rock Band 2 on Nintendo Wii. Man I wish I had some more money because I want this game so bad! Here is the list rockstars:

Smashing Pumpkins – Siva
The Cars – Just What I Needed
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Gimme Three Steps
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Tell Me Baby
Oasis – Live Forever
30 Seconds to Mars – Attack

WiiWare: Icarian: Kindred Spirits: New Screens

Hello gamers, and how are you today? The good guys over at WiiWareWorld just got in some brand new screens of the nice looking WiiWare title Icarian: Kindred Spirits and man do they deliver. Check out the screens below and salivate at what looks to be another amazing WiiWare title.

More screens after the break. Enjoy:

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“DiscountOn” Super Mario Galaxy Half Price!

“DisocuntOn”- If you have yet to play Mario’s latest adventure (shame on you if you haven’t) be sure to head over to your local Blockbuster and pick up one of Wii’s most impressive titles for half price. The game, which usually retails for $49.99 has recently been reduced to an impressive $24.99 and is not preowned.

Mario Galaxy still hold a special place in my heart container and is truly a must play for all Wii owners.


Bit. Trip Beat Coming Next Month?

In a recent interview with Game Music 4 All, Gaijin Games’ Alex Neuse offered a potential launch window for the ultra-retro music game Bit.Trip: Beat. “We are madly scrambling to finish the game up as I type this,” Neuse said. “Our hopeful launch will be in mid-February, but I will not promise a date yet. :)”

Since this title was just announced, yours truly is filled with glee and is waiting for this WiiWare gem to come out with open arms. In my awesomely awesome opinion, releasing this title in mid-February would be ingenious. Hype for this title is through the roof and I would be elated if they released it as early as next month.

More as it develops.