Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games

– Wii + DS versions being developed separately
– More focus on single-player for DS version but can play with 3 others with download play
– Adventure Tours present in DS version – take on quests, face off against bosses
– Festival mode on Wii – go through entire Olympic Games
– SEGA doesn’t want people to think it’s a mini-game package
– Controls are easy to pick up
– All events playable from the start with the exception of a few fantasy Dream Events
– Don’t have to play with Wii Balance Board
– Unclear how many events will take advantage of balance board
– All characters from first game return, some new faces
– Game keeps track of records locally
– SEGA not ready to discuss online leaderboards
– Looks good visually
– No Wii MotionPlus – SEGA thought gamers might not own the device
– Controls + interface simple for DS version
– Can execute more advanced techniques


Nintendo Power Review Scores

Care to see how some Nintendo titles faired in regards to review scores; check it out below gamers:

Rhythm Heaven (DS): 9.0
Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier (DS): 7.0
Excitebots (Wii): 8.0
Klonoa (Wii): 9.0
Steal Princess (DS): 6.0
Major Minor’s Majestic March (Wii): 6.0
Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars Director’s Cut (Wii): 7.0
Don King Boxing (Wii): 5.5
Dokapon Journey (DS): 4.0
GTA Chinatown Wars (DS): 9.0
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus (Wii): 7.5
Touch Mechanic (DS): 5.0
The Dark Spire (DS): 5.0
Pokemon Platinum (DS): 9.0

Wii: Rabbids Go Home Announced

I don’t know about you but I love what UbiSoft is doing with the Rabbids series. Below is a first scan of the 4th installment of the popular new franchise as well as first details. Check it out:


– Action/adventure title
– Rabbids Go Home expands on story of the Rabbids
– The Rabbids literally want to go home
– Not sure where home is but moon captures their attention
– Gather and build a pile of junk high enough to reach the moon
– Control 2 Rabbids at once – one sits in shopping cart, another one pushes it
– Some pieces only require you to touch them to be added to your cart
– Other pieces require extra step
– Need to use “Bwah!” attack to scare clothes off bodies
– Can build with more than just items
– Stuff collected by Rabbids will give players new abilities for moving or attacking with cart

Quote of the Day…Shiggy Himself

“I want to make games that are intuitively fun and haven’t been done before; games that make you enjoy owning a DS and glad there’s a Wii in your home. From that perspective, I think we need more ‘clutch’ games like that. We’re making Mario and Zelda too, of course, so don’t worry.”


(This quote comes from the Japanese magazine Famitsu)