Scribblenauts: First Review!

Quick Update: Scribblenauts receives its first review and according to Ultimate Nintendo Magazine, it is a perfect 10. The promising title that is headed to DS this month has been receiving a ton of attention from the gaming world and will no doubt give us all something to play for the months ahead.

I know I can’t wait! Expect more reviews in the very near future!


Media Create sales (8/31 – 9/6)

01./00. [PS3] Kidou Senshi Gundam Senki: Lost War Chronicles (Namco Bandai) – 178,000 / NEW
02./01. [NDS] Tomodachi Collection (Friend Collection) (Nintendo) – 87,000 / 977,000 (+9%)
03./02. [NDS] Dragon Quest IX: Defenders of the Starry Sky (Square Enix) – 50,000 / 3,844,000 (-30%)
04./00. [NDS] Love Plus (Konami) – 46,000 / NEW
05./03. [WII] Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo) – 43,000 / 1,128,000 (-7%)
06./05. [WII] Monster Hunter 3 (Capcom) – 22,000 / 857,000 (-36%)
07./00. [NDS] Sloane and MacHale’s Mysterious Story 2 (Level 5) – 19,000 / NEW

08./08. [NDS] You’ll Incur Losses if You Remain Ignorant: How Money and Things Work DS (Nintendo) – 16,000 / 37,000 (-24%)
09./09. [PSP] Monster Hunter Portable 2 G (BEST) (Capcom) – 15,000 / 939,000 (-15%)
10./00. [PS3] 428: Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de (Spike) – 15,000 / NEW

Zelda Wii Trailer Coming Next Month?

Apparently someone who knows someone who shall remain anonymous is telling the good guys over at Infendo that the trailer for the upcoming Wii Zelda adventure will be unveiled at “next months Nintendo conference”.  Here is what they had to say:

According to our insider source who wishes to remain anonymous, Nintendo is working hard to get a trailer made on a working build of the next Wii Zelda game. According to our source, the trailer will launch in October at an upcoming conference [Nintendo Business media summit?] and it will show shed some light onto the mystery of why Link didn’t have a sword.

As much as we can speculate to what is in the trailer, I hope to see that there is atleast a mention of Wii Motion Plus in the next Zelda game. What do you guys think about that?

Sounds kind of suspicious if you ask me but Nintendo does typically hold a special conference nearing years end. We will keep our ears to the ground on this one guys.

Be Heard…What 1 Title Are You Most Looking Forward To?

The holiday season means 2 things; good eats and great gaming. The last 4 months of the year are jam packed with quality titles that you’d think we had died and gone to gaming heaven. If you had to pick 1 title that you are most excited about this holiday season, which one would it be? Any platform is open in this discussion.

My personal pick (after much deliberation…this is a hard question) would have to be the new Call of Duty for 360. It looks sick and I am certain that its online component is going to be out of this world.

What’s your pick?

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