Super Mario Strikers Box Art (PAL Version)


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Maple Story Footage


Quick Update: Click here gamers, and enjoy some of the first Maple Story footage for the Nintendo DS. Maple story is a free side-scrolling MMORPG that will be coming to a DS system near you.

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Beautiful New One Piece Screens


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Resident Evil 4 Images (Wii Version)

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Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Exposed

**Be Sure to click on each Image for a larger view**

Also- here are some tasty new details on the title.

-First Person view
-On rails shooter (arcade style)
-Story will be about the fall of Umbrella Corp
-Chris, Jill, Rebecca, Billy and Wesker are in the game

Although I am not too sure about the whole “on rails” part, the game does look rather nice though. More as it comes….


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Nights Details Emerge

Well gamers, it seems like the newly announced Nights game for the Nintendo Wii cannot stay out of the news as of late. Sega of Europe has published a list of Nights: Journey Into Dreams details online, and heres a quick summary for your viewing pleasure:

- Masks allow NiGHTS to shape-shift into a dragon, a dolphin (Ecco, anyone?), and a rocket

– Change scenery according to real-world seasons with the Forecast Channel

– Seven dream worlds to explore

– Exchange items via WiiConnect 24

This news comes welcomed with open arms and I will soon be preordering the title!

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Nights 2 in Ocotber? *EXCLUSIVE*


Following the recent announcement of the upcoming release of Sega’s mega hit Nights for Nintendo Wii, many of us where stuck wondering when will this gem be released to the eager public. Rumors were floating around that the title may be released as late as next year, but we have a different tale to tell.

My inside sources, which shall remain nameless, have recently informed me that we may see the title in time for holiday season. Although dates are always subject to change, it seems as though October may be the magic month. Why should you believe me you ask; because you can go to your local Gamestop and reserve it now. As always though, dates are subject to change and I will be keeping you all updated.

**Don’t forget our DESIGN OUR BANNER CONTEST going on now! The winner will get a ...

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Nintendo Wii: First European Online Title Confirmed!

The first online title for Nintendo Wii has been announced in the form of Super Mario Strikers.

Mario Strikers: Charged Football will lead Nintendo Europes into the wonderful world of Online gaming on the Nintendo Wii.

The crazy soccer title which pits popular characters from the Mario universe against each other is currently scheduled for a European release on May 25th. Game On!

**If anyone is interested in Game ON’s Official Forums page, click here and sign up! We are planning some BIG things once the online enabled titles come out for Wii so be sure to sign up today.**

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Wii doubles PS3 sales in Japan

More good sales news for Nintendo and its innovative 5th console Wii. The Wii seems it’s outselling Sony’s PS3 2 to 1 in the land of the rising sun. Nintendo has managed to sell through 1.95 million Wii units, while Sony has sold 812,000 units of the PS3. Game ON Sony. More as it develops.


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Super Paper Mario Teaser Site Opened!


Quick Update: For all of those who are awaiting Mario’s grand return to the ever popular Nintendo Wii, wont have to wait much longer. The inevitable return of every one’s favorite plumber is upon us!

Be sure to check out theTeaser Site and enjoy.

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