Kingdom Hearts Wii Bound?

Given the recent relationship with Nintendo and Square and the runaway success of the Wii, the highly impressive Kingdom Hearts may be headed to a Nintendo Wii near you.

We have been hearing rumors of this franchise coming to Wii for some time now, but nothing has been confirmed. Check out the scan below of a new Kingdom Hearts title that is in development…Looks like Wii graphics doesn’t it?? Keep those fingers crossed gamers.

More as it develops.


There was a ton of people worried that the latest version of Nintendo’s popular fighting franchise Super Smash Bros. would miss out on online battle. Fear not gamers, it is CONFIRMED! Read all the details below and enjoy! I’ll see you online!

This game supports Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. If you connect your Wii to the Internet, you can enjoy linked battles with distant people!

But because this form of communication is greatly affected by the distance between you and your opponent, your brawls may not run smoothly if you’re really far apart—like, for instance, if you’re connecting between Japan and America.

The more distant you are, the worse your connection becomes, and the slower it feels. I apologize, but I hope you understand.

This is the main menu for Wi-Fi!

There are two primary connection methods. The names of these methods are “With Friends” and “With Anyone.” The menus and structures of each method are pretty different.

With Friends

Wii friends who have registered one another’s names can play together freely.

Register your friends!
If you’re registered as friends, you can check each other’s status. If a friend is online and you earn his or her consent, you can enter a battle.

You can change your icon…
And even send short messages during brawls!

These short messages are entered in advance, and you send them by taunting. There are four messages for the four directions on the + Control Pad: Up, down, left and right.

With friends, you can brawl any way you like. And there are other modes besides just free-for-alls.

With Anyone
You can also battle with people you don’t know who are looking for brawls. The most important point here is that you will not know each other’s names.

If you think of your opponent as a simple scarecrow, any psychological barriers may melt away.

Your opponent will not know your name or any information about you, and neither of you can send short messages. There will also be no battle records kept for this mode, so whether you win or lose, it doesn’t matter. Just sit back and play.

Now, while you’re waiting for a match to start, you can kill time with a little practice on Sandbag.

Practice, practice!
We’re planning a number of services that make use of Wi-Fi, but we’ll reveal them gradually with the other modes. Enjoy.

Are you sick of Tiger owning the Golf games??

Well if you are like me and want just a fun golf game not one that looks good and has solidified the controls then you are in for some fun.  IGN reports that We Love Golf! will be coming to the US.  In an article on IGN it was written:

“Camelot’s pedigree in this genre, coupled with Capcom’s creative expertise, is a virtual hole in one,” said Nique Fajors, vice president, marketing, Capcom Entertainment. “Combining an already great game concept with the exciting innovations possible on the Wii is a winning formula for an amazing experience for gaming and golfing fans.”

Check out the full story here.  I have to admit guys I am looking forward to this title for the Wii.



Manhunt gets M rating!!

This is an exert from a new review done on IGN for the newly M rated Manhunt.  After reading this full story which I suggest everyone does.  The only major change that was done to this game was the kill sequence.  Here is the exert:

“Manhunt 2 is scheduled for an October 31 release date on Wii, PlayStation 2 and PSP. The Wii build of the game will feature a few extras, including some unique weapons and more blood splatter, not to mention the gesture-based controls (which generally work very well), but otherwise the content is the same. Rockstar’s title may have dropped the AO label and toned down the presentation of death strikes for an M rating, but this blood-soaked effort is still one of the grossest and most disturbing titles we’ve ever seen. It’s also fun, thanks to usually-tight control and an abundance of dark atmosphere. We’re going to join the hunt this Halloween and with the handful of extras on Nintendo’s system, we’re going to do it on Wii.”

You can read the full story here.  I personally feel this game still deserves an AO rating and this once again proves how laughable the ratings system is.  Check out gameon TV tonight to hear Kmaxx sound off on his feelings of the ratings system as they exist now.