Epic Mickey Revealed

In case you missed it (we were very lazy today in updating this wonderful site) Epic Mickey has been unveiled to the gaming world and, lucky for Wii owners, it’s coming exclusively to our little white boxes.

After months of speculation, the highly talked about title has been leaked onto Internet outlets and has set the gaming world on fire…At least here at gameonnintendo.

Check out the first screens below and get ready for more news. Mark this one as a win for Nintendo gamers; it’s going to be amazing.

Tim Schaffer on Jimmy Fallon Tonight

Quick Update: I don’t know if anyone else out there thinks Jimmy Fallon is actually a great late night show host but my wife and I find his show decently funny and typically watch him every night (DVR’d from the previous night mind you)…

This is just a quick reminder that Tim Schaffer, creator of Maniac Mansion, Brutal Legend and many other great games, will be appearing on Jimmy Fallon later tonight. Good stuff for the video game industry and we applaud Mr. Fallon for his efforts in bringing video games to late night TV.

Be Heard…Who is the Coolest Bad Guy in the Video Game World?

In this awesome edition of “Be Heard,” gameonnintendo is asking you- Who is the coolest bad guy in the video game world? The bad guy can be from any system or genre and you must back up your statement.

Is the King of all Koopas going to be your choice? What about Gannon? Or M. Bison? Or Goro? Or King Hippo? Or… ? You get the idea… So, in your opinion, who is the coolest villain ever?

So Be Heard and sound off in the comments section.

Tales of Graces: New Screens

Here is a bevy of new screens of the upcoming Wii RPG Tales of Graces. I have to say that I am definitely a fan and I cannot wait until this game is released. Did anyone out there play the Tales game for Wii?

I played Tales of Symphonia for Gamecube and LOVED it….. But sadly, I never got around to playing the one for Wii and I was wondering if it was any good. Anyone, anyone?

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Walmart.com Starting to Sell Pre-owned Games

Walmart.com is now selling used games online. In a move that’s sure to send ripples in the gaming ocean, Walmart is now selling used video games on its online store. As of right now, it doesn’t look like you can actually trade-in games, but I am certain that this will probably change in the very near future.

Look out Gamestop, here comes the juggernaut that is Walmart…

What do you guys think?