Wii Sales Top 8 Million, Nintendo Set To Take Over World!

Quick Update: This just in, Nintendo has sold over 8 million Wii systems worldwide in less than seven months! For all of those keeping score, this out paces PS3 and 360 for the respective periods.

My question is this; If the Wii was more readily available, how many units do you think they would already have sold through?


IGN Wii-k in Review Highlights

Here is a compiled list of IGN’s Wii-k in Review Highlights that you can find on their podcast. Check it out.

- Big Brain Academy talk

– Scarface talk

– RE4: WE talk

– The Bigs talk, preview coming soon

– Madden hands on coming soon

– Ghost squad discussion, lack of 16:9 support, developer quick cash-in discussion

– More talk of Harrison, Llewelyn, Kaplan leaving. Nothing confirmed just yet. Nintendo trying to become a bigger player in the industry.

– Dragon Quest Swords talk and details

– Mercury Meltdown Revolution talk

– Wii debug units discussed

– RPG talk, new RPGs on the way. Sequel to an RPG that came out at the same time as Baten Kaitos is hinted at. Matt- ?I might as well just tell you. Bozon- keep faith in Crystal Chronicles. It?s going to be good.?

– Most likely no NHL Wii until next year if it does come

– 3 EA games coming, Fifa is one of them

– Wii Sports 2, Pikmin, Wii Health may happen (nothing confirmed at all)

– More talk of hardware upgrades. Nothing officially announced. Hard drive and headset seem likely candidates.

– FF:CC focus on single player

– Good multiplayer games, BBA and hopefully Battalion Wars II

– Big developers heading to Wii. Soul Calibur 4 will most likely not head to Wii. Manhunt 2 will test the water for adult titles on Wii

– ?Cool stuff we could tell you about, but then we?d get killed. ? Some announcements to make with 3rd parties, but nothing major. Thinks they?re going to get stuff before E3.

A ton of great information gamers! Pikmin! A new RPG!! (Tales anyone), and BWII talk! I can’t wait for E3!