Little King’s Story: New Trailer

I really want this title. Honestly I am on love with the art style and I think that this title has all the markings of a phenomenal game. With the positive reviews for this title rolling in, the Wii may have a major sleeper hit on their hands; I just pray that gamers can get beyond the “kiddie” image.

Are you guys getting it?

ONM of Australia review scores

I am very pleased that Little King’s Story is receiving such high scores. I am eagerly awaiting that title like a fat kid awaiting a candy store to open….

Little Kings’ Story :92%
Super Punch-Out!!: 87%
Jungle Speed: 76%
Clu Clu Land: 36%
Family Table Tennis: 52%
Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair: 64%
Trivial Pursuit: 70%
MySims Party: 61%
Ready 2 Rumble Revolution: 70%
Castlevania Judgement: 68%
Ultimate Band: 62%

Rhythm Heaven: 82%
Disagea: 88%
Lux-Pain: 76%
FFCC: Echoes of Time: 75%
Valkyrie Profile: 85%
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure: 81%