Super Kart GP :1st Wii images, boxart, Info!!

Fans of Mario Kart take notice; this one may be worth a look. Now I know nothing really competes with Mario Kart but check out some of the details of this Mario Kart Inspired racer:

• Take up the Myth Makers challenge and race against unique characters, or challenge your friends to leagues, cups, time trails or face a solo challenge and try to defeat the evil Mumbra.

• Collect pick-ups to enhance your kart; use weapons to knock your opponents off the road, shields to protect yourself and speed boosts to overtake or risk big jumps find the elusive shortcuts.

• Use the benefits of the Nintendo Wii control system by placing the Wii Remote in the driving position. Tilt your controller left and right to control your Super Kart like your hands were on the wheel itself.
• Players can race head to head with Mumbra and by beating him you will be taught unique special powers bestowed upon you by the Myth Academy.

• Up to 4 players can play simultaneously, with different modes of play from time trails to cup challenges

• Earn rewards by competing in different Cup Challenges around the Myth Realm, unlock extra vehicles, levels and special powers

Sounds interesting don’t you think?


Wii King of The World!

Mark your calendars gamers; the Wii is the #1 console for this generation and has surpassed the impressive XBOX 360. Gamers the king of the video game world is back on their throne. Welcome back Nintendo, we missed you.

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Now that Nintendo is on top, what do they need to do to stay there? Let your voice be heard and join our forums page! Game On.

GC-2007 Sonic Riders Announced!

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity has been officially announced for the Nintendo Wii and the First screenshots from the game are available below. Keep in mind these screens are from the PS2 version (although it’s likely to be graphically the same as the Wii version). Keep those fingers crossed!



GC-2007: Nintendo announces Wii Chess

Quick Update: Nintendo has recently mentioned that they had no new announcements for GC-2007, but a new games release list from Nintendo reveals Wii Chess. Not by any means a Megaton but welcome non-the-less.

GC Coverage!

Quick Update: Just letting you know that there is a Gamers Conference going on right now and we are going to have awesome coverage. Make sure you keep it with Gameonnintendo for all of your Nintendo news! We will be updating all day (as usual) so hit refresh to stay informed.

While waiting for all of the news to come, why not watch some Game On TV? Our newest episode is what we feel our best ever so tune in. Game On TV…It’s what you watch.