To Chun Li or not to Chun Li

Ok gamer fans I am sure many of you have heard that Street Fighter is coming to theaters later this month.  Well I stumbled across a nice 6 min video on IGN that explains why the movie would not have Ryu and Ken.  I know they are the franchise of the game but, watch this video and see if their explanation makes sense.  In a way it does in another way if this movie flops so does any future movies form this franchise.  Enjoy

Big N pushes 1.2 million in hardware, software dominates.

In an article written on Ign, the Big N is still the dominate player and is Recession proof. 

If you would have expected Nintendo to have yet another amazing month in January, you sir would be right. Nintendo’s success has been unprecedented in previous generations, and once again the Big N owns not only in hardware sales, but in software as well.

Based on numbers released by the NPD group (which doesn’t even cover Wal-Mart, mind you), Nintendo has sold nearly 1.2 million systems in January alone, dispersed evenly between its console Wii and portable DS. As far as the specifics go, Wii clocks in at a whopping 679,200 units, with DS bringing in another 510,800 on top of that. Both systems (on their own) sold better than any competition, with Xbox 360 coming in at 309,000 as the top of the bunch, PS3 trailing next with 203,200, PSP hitting 172,300, and PS2 still pulling off a decent 101,200 total units of hardware.

What does this mean? Wii pushed numbers equivalent to PS3, PSP, and Xbox 360 combined (slightly lower by about 5k), and when you factor in DS’s sales as well, the gap widens by almost double.

The usual suspects take the top software spots as well, with Wii Fit leading the pack at 777,000 units, Wii Play still doing 415,000, and Mario Kart Wii bringing in 292,000 as well, clinching the top three spots over Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty: World at War, and Skate 2. As for more Nintendo sales within the top 10, Guitar Hero World Tour (still the highest selling of the versions) scores another 155,000 units sold for Wii, followed by New Super Mario Bros (135,000) and Mario Kart DS (132,000) in spots eight and nine. System bundles are included in that list, but seeing New Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart still in the top 10 is simply insane; talk about evergreen titles.

Most alarming is Wii Fit, which may we remind you, is still selling for $89.99 at retail, bringing in nearly another 800k in January alone (typically one of the slowest software months in the year). What else does this mean for Wii developers and publishers? That’s nearly another million players with a balance board in their house. If that doesn’t push more support for Nintendo’s biggest peripheral, we don’t know what will.

When will Nintendo’s sales streak end? Weigh in by hitting up our comments section below.

Get Your Spend On: New Releases This Week for Nintendo Products

It looks like the DS gamers is having the Best Week Ever (VHL ref. used)!!

Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
Jake Power: Fireman
Jake Power: Policeman
My Personal Diary
Rollin’ Rascals

Battle Rage
Puzzle Challenges & More
Solitaire & Mahjong
Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Wii Shop Mondays

Here is a list of titles (there’s only 2) that we can all download today on the Wii Shop Channel. I urge all of you reading this post, DOWNLOAD EVADE SPACE! The title looks amazing and you will thank me later for this recommendation.

Evasive Space (Yukes Company of America, 1-4 players, Rated E for Everyone – Mild Fantasy Violence, 1,000 Wii Points): Players take on the role of Konki the Stellar Guardian, who is charged with recovering stolen Constellation Stones that make up the heavens. Dr. Dark Matter and his space thieves have nabbed them, and players must navigate 20 dangerous time- and collection-based missions to get them back. Check out some screens in our gallery below.

Virtual Console
Life Force (NES, 1-2 players, Rated E for Everyone – Mild Fantasy Violence, 500 Wii Points): An arcade shmup ported to the NES in 1988, players must navigate the inside of a giant alien that is infected by a strain of bacteria, shooting down enemies and grabbing power-ups when they can.

Another Secret Sega Title: “Project Ringo”

It looks like Sega’s at it again; the 3rd party company has recently posted another teaser trailer for a new title coming out. No system is shown but given Sega’s latest Wii love, it looks like we may have yet another exclusive.

On the teaser site, there is a flash animation on the teaser site that prominently features the silhouette of a cartoonish character playing with an apple. For all of those keeping score, “Ringo” is Japanese for “apple” so it’s probably safe to assume that there are apples involved.

Interesting to say the least…


Game Informer Reviews

Game Informer review scores….That’s it….No clever post….No wacky play on words…Just Game Informer review scores (lol)…Although if anyone can tell me what Abel is trying to do to Ryu I’ll give you some money… Here are the reviews:

Street Fighter IV (PS3/360): 9.25 SO: 9.5 (Console Game of the Month)
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (PS3/PC/360): 8.25 SO: 8.5
Afro Samurai (PS3/360): 7.75 SO: 7.75
Lord of the Rings: Conquest (PS3/360): 4.75 SO: 6
Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box (PS3/360): 9 SO: 9.25
Killzone 2 (PS3): 8.75 SO: 9
Marble Saga: Kororinpa (Wii): 8 SO: 8.5
Deadly Creatures (Wii): 7 SO: 7

Halo Wars (360): 9 SO: 9.25
Stoked (360): 7.5 SO: 7.75
Race Pro (360): 7 SO: 7.25
Star Ocean The Last Hope (360): 7 SO: 7.75
Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II (PC): 8.75 SO: 8.25 (PC Game of the Month)
Drakensang The Dark Eye (PC): 6.75 SO: 7.5
LocoRoco 2 (PSP): 9.25 SO: 8.75 (Handheld Game of the Month)
Dragonquest V Hand of the Heavenly Bride (DS): 7.5 SO: 7
Trackmania DS (DS): 6.5 SO: 6.5
Blue Dragon Plus (DS): 5.5
Legacy of Ys: Books I and II(DS): 5
My World, My Way(DS): 6 SO: 7.5

Not that I didn’t think it would do well but I am very psyched that Street Fighter IV did so well. I have been waiting for that game for a while and my XBOX 360 needs some love (or should I get it for PS3?).

Mario and Luigi 3 Sells Big

Mario and Luigi 3, in its first two days of sales, has officially sold more units than its “Partner in time” Here is the breakdown:

Mario and Luigi 3
– 155,000 units sold
– 57% of first shipment

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time – first week sales

– 133,000 units sold
– 417,000 units sold to date

I cannot wait until this crazy game is released here in the States. I will heart it.