Soul Calibur Adventure? (UPDATE W/IMAGES!)


Last week Matt Casamassina?s of IGN fame, had the following comments to say concerning a ?popular third party fighter heading to the Wii, but with a twist?. While his words were cryptic, gamers worldwide figured that the title he was discussing was non-other-than Soul Calibur, and now we have confirmation!

Soul Calibur Legends is officially heading to the Wii, and it will take the fighting franchise in an adventure direction. Details are scarce as of right now but it appears that this time around you will meet the Soul Calibur characters through your journey, and that is when the fighting comes into play. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Update: Take a look at the images below! Impressive!


System 3: We want to create Wii?s Gran Turismo

One of the main types of games that Nintendo systems have missed would have to be “realistic” car racer. Sony’s own Gran Tourismo has sold millions of copies to gamers everywhere and System 3 seems like they want to mirror that success onto Nintendo’s 5th console. Here is what they had to say:

?The advantage we?ve got with the Wii is there aren?t any great racing games on there.. Of course, on other consoles it?s a harder challenge. But rest assured that what we want to do is create the Gran Turismo for the Wii?We are looking at the option of putting an accelerator and proper steering wheel in for the Wii version, because that?s one of the problems of the Nintendo controller – you either have a very loose system that?s very forgiving but unrealistic, or if you have it realistic and you suddenly flinch or something it could affect the performance. We feel we?ve come up with a very good solution to that.?

?We have to aim our quality towards that title to ensure that we?re in a position to be comparable to GT. But racing against the clock is not the direction that I think the market is going to go in the future. It?s not our philosophy to sell something just because Ferrari is the most desirable brand for a racing videogame.?

Sounds great to me…..What do you guys think?


Tabe Tennis Wii?


I can’t remember when we posted this but it seems like the rumor of Rockstar’s Table Tennis coming to Nintendo Wii is showing it’s white, round head again. Our good friend Falafa had the exclusive scoop; here is what he had to report:

Expect Rockstar?s ?Table Tennis? to come out on the Wii. I have been told that it is likely to be the first Rockstar title heading to Wii.

The more 3rd party support the better. It seems that this title would be a natural fit for the wiimote. Game On.

Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars

Data Design Interactive has announed that it’s bringing Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars – launching on PC in June – to Wii later this year, with a range of spell-casting Wiimote functions. This article was written by IGN in the UK. Unknown if this will be making it way to the states but here are some screen shots.

????????????????????????? female?Hero

????????????????????????? Male?Hero

????????????????????????? Skeletons