Japanese Software Update

Another stellar week for Nintendo. Here are the numbers for the week of the 16th to the 22nd of July:

1. Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 14 (PS2)
2. Dragon Quest Swords
3. Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball
4. Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS)
5. Wii Sports
6. Mushi King Super Collection (DS)
7. DS Medjikara Training (DS)
8. Wii Play
9. Naruto SSND5 (DS)
10. New Super Mario Bros. (DS)


CSI Coming to Wii

Fans of the CSI series rejoice; there is a title in development for Nintendo Wii.

In the game, players will be able to join CSI’s Las Vegas cast, including Gil Grisson and Catherine Willows, while they try to solve crimes using real-life techniques and lab equipment. Featured in the game are crime scenes taken directly from the TV show, forensic reconstructions, a garage lab for the analyzation of larger pieces of evidence, lab mini-games, improved evidence gathering, and more.

Anyone planning on checking this one out?

Nintendo Owns June (Hardware Numbers for US)

The following are the stats for sales of hardware in the US. I truly hope this trend of Nintendo dominance continues. Here are the numbers:

NDS – 561,000
Wii – 381,000

PSP – 290,000
PS2 – 270,000
360 – 198,000
GBA – 113,000
PS3 – 98,000

Fun Fact #1- The GBA outsold the PS3…..Just thought I’d point that out.


VC Monday

Here they are gamers- get those Wii point cards ready!

Kirby’s Dream Course – SNES
Step up to the tee for the wackiest golf game of your life. This one- or two-player game features a floating golf course in the sky. High above Dream Land, players can pitch and putt the ever-popular puff ball, Kirby, through a maze of three-dimensional obstacles on a zany checkerboard course.

Devil’s Crush – TG16
Devil’s Crush is the exciting sequel to the hit pinball game Alien Crush and features even smoother ball movement and enhanced special effects. Shoot the ball onto the board with the Devil Shooter, then use flippers and nudging to keep it in play and rack up a high score.

Shining Force – Genesis
In ages long forgotten, Light fought Darkness for control of the world. Finally, the Ancients defeated the evil ruler of the dark forces known as Dark Dragon and cast him into another dimension, though he vowed to return in 1,000 years.

Kmaxx should be pumped because of Shinning Force; what are you guys going to buy?


Dewy’s Adventure Box Art


I would say one of the nicer box arts for the Wii, wouldn’t you think?

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New Tales Game Heading to Wii and DS!

I am so grateful that Nintendo is receiving these 2 titles! Get ready for some RPG love gamers as there are 2 new Tales of… games headed to Wii and Nintendo DS.

Tales of Innocence for DS, Mutsumi Inomata character design, all-new game

Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk, for Wii

Now if you excuse me, I need to go fire up Symphonia and finish the title!

**Don’t forget about our current contest that is ending TODAY!!!! Get your entries and you could win a FREE Wii game of choice!**