Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box Review

Professor Layton has arrived at the gameonnintendo lair and we couldn’t be more pleased. The inaugural title in the series offered gamers a plethora of puzzles wrapped up in a story line that gave gamers a breathe of fresh air in regards to a new IP. It was a remarkable title that begged for a deserving sequel and it has finally hit the U.S.

How did its sequel fair, hit the break and find out….

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Simple Facts About Flipnote Studio

In case you have been living under a rock, you may already know that Flipnote Studio has been released on the DSi and millions of gamers are already enjoying this superb creation tool. Flipnote Studio is a virtual “paper stack” that allows users to create animations old school style and is truly a remarkable “purchase”. If you are new to the gaming scene or just new to Flipnote Stuidio, check out the list below and discover the beauty that is Flipnote.

I am eager to see all of your creations so stay in contact and add us on your favorite creators list.

It’s all free!

Everything about this amazing creation tool is completely free. It’s free to download, free to register and free to post your animations online. It’s fun and simple to do and literally takes seconds to post. Flipnote studio is the killer app for DSi owners and wont cost you a single penny.

Whatever frame you press “save” on becomes your screen grab for others to see

If you are wondering what screen is going to represent your incredible animation, wonder no more; whatever screen you press “save” on in your frame becomes what others will see on the Hatena website. Make sure you grab an interesting still!

Simple thoughts go a long way… Anyone can do it!

If you are wondering if could actually make one of these things all I could recommend is to just try. Flipnote studio has a nice tutorial to help get you started and should have you creating your own animation in no time. Best of all, anyone can do it! Who cares if it’s “simple” in design, you might surprise yourself on how many people check out your creation.

There is already another version out in Japan

If you are already loving this fantastic app for your DSi (which I hope you are), we have great news; there is already another version out in Japan which means we should be receiving more updates in the next few months.

I have to say that I have fallen in love with this application and cannot wait to get more creative in the coming months (I plan on making a weekly series…but more on that in the coming weeks). I have to say that taking such a simple idea and putting it on DSi was ingenious and will be enjoyed by millions for years to come. I am so happy that Nintendo scored flipnote studio and see some BIG things for this creation tool in the future.

Quote of the Day…GameStop “Nintendo Has “a couple” of Unannounced Games”

“…The new title base actually looks very very strong for the second half starting in the fall obviously with Madden, Rock Band Beatles, you’ve got Guitar Hero 5, the new Halo 3, and Batman as I said earlier, and then going into October with Tekken 6 and BioShock 2, and then going into November with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, and we believe there’s a couple of Nintendo titles coming that have not been announced. So, it looks like actually a very very strong fall and holiday season.Then going into November with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, and we believe there’s a couple of Nintendo titles coming that have not been announced.” – Gamestop executive David W. Carlson

No kidding Gamestop…. Still promising non-the-less. E3 is quickly approaching my young Jedi’s, stay tuned. I promise our E3 coverage will be off phenomenal.

WiiWare: Cave Story Coming In April or May

The highly talked about and very promising Cave Story will apparently be headed to the WiiWare channel in the next 2 months. Check out this promising quote regarding the games release:

“If all goes well,” Tyrone Rodriguez said, “you’ll be playing Cave Story by the beginning of May or even end of April.”

WiiWare is going to be amazing this year… now if we only had a hard drive…