Best Buy Has Ample Supply of Rare Amiibo’s


It seems as though the restock of rare Amiibo figures has hit the retail chain Best Buy hard. I personally took this picture at a local Best Buy and it seems as though its a nation wide thing. When pressed, one of the employees of the popular retail location stated that they had a massive restock on Nintendo’s popular figures and is evident in the picture above. The other side of the display featured a bevy of Dark Pit, Greeninja, Zero Suit Samus and more.

If you’re looking for Amiibo, make sure you head to your local Best Buy.

I played Super Mario Maker And Zelda Triforce Heroes


I have played Super Mario Maker and Zelda Triforce Heroes and am pleased to report that they both play sublime. As expected, both of Nintendo’s newest titles in the 3DS and Wii U libraries are extremely fun but it’s always nice to hear it straight from someone who just played the games (my local Best Buy has the Play Nintendo promo from E3). Let’s be honest, Nintendo’s E3 digital Event was a bit of a train wreck. You know it, I know it, heck even Mr. Iwata knows it. However, if you have the chance to stroll down to a participating Best Buy, you may want to test out Nintendo’s latest two titles.


First off, Super Mario Maker. Super Mario Maker was insanely addicting and unbearably difficult (but in a good way). There are some twisted minds over at Nintendo and I LOVED every minute of it. What was nice is that when I got to my local Best Buy I was able to get some quality time with the Wii U game and I was impressed to say the least. I expected the game to be good but this thing is going to be magical! I cannot wait to get my hands on the retail copy as I want to make and create the same devious levels that I played through today.

I was very surprised that the other Nintendo rep had 3 new Nintendo 3DS systems and they were all equipped with the newly announced Zelda Triforce Heroes. While this game may have turned off some with its “spinoff” feel, it surely was fun. Fun is why we play games and there is no doubting that this game is going to be a barrel of it. I quickly became the “jerk” in the group because I couldn’t resist grabbing the other Links and throwing them off the side of the cliffs. It was hilarious to do and I just had to see their reaction and couldn’t resist. After a bit of joking around, all 3 of us began to work together and that’s when things really started to click. We worked well and had to communicate in order to get the job done. I could see how this game is going to make or break friendships and it’s going to be something fierce whenever it’s released.

Overall, I think we knew that these games were going to be something great but it was awesome to get my hands on them myself. I just wanted to report that these Nintendo titles felt great and if you have a chance to visit a Best Buy that is allowing people to check these games out, don’t miss it (be sure to look for some Nintendo goodies as well).

As always, thanks for reading. Let me know if you plan on participating in this promo.

Best Buy Getting Splatoon Special Edition Wii U’s


It looks as though Best Buy and Nintendo are teaming up and bringing gamers a special Wii U in celebration of Splatoon’s release. Check out the all new Splatoon-themed Wii U bundle that gamers will be able to pick up come next month. The bundle also comes with a pre-loaded of the highly underrated Nintendoland and will retail for $299.99. I know we can’t wait to get our hands on Splatoon and really think that this one is going to be something special.

Best Buy is Having a Sale on All Gaming-Related Gift Cards


Currently, Best Buy is having a sale on all gaming-related gift cards. PSN credit, XBL credit, Steam credit, Nintendo eShop cards, League of Legends cards, etc. are all 5% off. If you’re looking to pick some titles up digitally, be sure to take advantage of this sale.

Nintendo Bringing E3 2013 Wii U Games to Best Buy

Quick Update: Nintendo Bringing E3 2013 Wii U Games to Best Buy

During today’s Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has announced that players will be able to sample some of the games that Nintendo showcases at E3 2013 at select Best Buy locations throughout the United States. It’s a way of Nintendo’s way of bringing E3 to its fan-base and I really hope that one of the select Best Buy locations is one in my hometown. I think this is a very smart move by Nintendo and should extend the awareness for Wii U.